10 Best monitors under 5000 rupees in India (2023)

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With such a wide range of options in monitors available worldwide, it has become challenging to choose the finest one that catches the eye and meets our ever-increasing demands.

Everyone needs an expert opinion to find what suits their needs the best. I have been playing computer games for the last 18 years. Therefore, I have curated a list of the ten best monitors under 5000 rupees in India in 2023.

In this article, I will give My Top Recommendations to you to choose the Top Monitors under 5000 rupees in India in the current year.

  • Give you my Well Researched Recommendations,
  • How I picked the best monitor under Rs.5000,
  • Tell you about some points you need to consider before your purchase.

Quick Review of My Top Recommendations for the Best monitor under 5000 Rs.

  1. Acer V206HQL LED Computer Monitor (Best Overall)
  2. Dell D1918H 18.5-inch LCD Monitor (2nd Best)
  3. Acer EB192Q LED Backlit Computer Monitor (3rd Best)
  4. Zebronics (18.5 inches)
  5. AOC E970SWN Monitor

While choosing the perfect monitor for your daily usage, you must consider individual specifications to help you choose the best from the various options.

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How Did I Research The Best Monitor?

  1. I have good experience with monitors, and I wanted to share my expertise with you and I know how hard it is to find the right monitor that can best suit your needs.
  2. Also, I have taken a lot of time to research the best monitors in India because I want you to find your perfect model. These reviews are based on my personal experience as well as 5+ hours of research.
  3. All the monitor models have their advantages and disadvantages, but I’ve done my best to provide an unbiased analysis based on my personal preferences. I listed all the best models with their specs and prices.
  4. I read all of the reviews of different monitors on various ecom websites and magazines and narrowed it down to the best.
  5. Then went on to comparing the prices to find a good deal for all, that wouldn’t break your bank.
  6. Also, then I checked for unbiased, not sponsored reviews from Amazon, Flipkart customers, or it’s users.

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You can check the video below detailing the difference between 720p and 1080p resolution.

Top 10 Best Monitors Under 5000 Rs.

Acer V206HQL (Best Overall)

Acer V206HQL

 The 19.5 inch Acer monitor comes with an HD LED Backlit TN panel.

It is pretty affordable and has an adjustable display angle with inbuilt-in speakers.

It also comes with a 3-year manufacturer’s warranty in India. One also needs to keep in mind that the three-year comprehensive brand warranty covers labour and parts and not physical damage.

The black-coloured Led monitor device does not support 3D. The package includes a monitor, a power chord, and a user manual. The monitor provides HDCP support as well.

  • Resolutions: 1366 × 768 pixels. (720p)
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz.
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Connectivity: One HDMI, DVI, and VGA ports.
  • Maximum Brightness: 200 nits (2D)

As per critics’ reviews, the sound quality requires a tad bit of improvement. The product is worth the money but is not suitable for a side view.

A wall stand is not provided with the monitor, but you shall purchase one from the market for hanging it on the wall.

Overall, the product is entirely satisfactory, and even though the sound quality is not very high, it is a very good choice.

Dell D1918H (2nd Best)

Dell D1918H

Manufactured by Dell computers, this Dell monitor is absolutely within your budget and reliable to its core. Weighing about 2.1 kilogrammes, this LCD monitor stands at 18.5 inches and has a viewing angle of 90 degrees.

This product has its origin in India and hence, is trustworthy enough to spend your money on.

The monitor comes with a TN panel and an anti-glare screen. This Dell product comprises a flicker-free screen and has the option of Comfort View so that your eyes receive minor strain.

  • Resolution: XGA Wide
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Connectivity: VGA and 1 HDMI port.
  • Image Peak Brightness : 200 cd/m2
  • Response time: 5ms

According to user reviews, the product is well suited for moderate usage. Most settings for the HDMI are automated, and the user is unable to customise much.

The stand is not adjustable, the monitor is not VESA mount compatible, and cannot be wall-mounted either.

Acer EB192Q (3rd Best)

Acer EB192Q

This Acer monitor might be the next best thing people can lay their hands on, on a tight budget. This is a quality budget monitor.

Looking at this monitor for long hours might not cause you any harm. This monitor blocks 80% of the blue light. ComfyView Technology helps display images well, even in a brightly lit environment.

The Acer eColor Management feature replicates colours vividly and brings you closer to reality. With exceptional, sharp image quality and flicker-less technology, one can enjoy the best viewing experience on this monitor.

The ergonomic stand that has been provided with the monitor can tilt from -5 to 25 degrees.

Resolution: 1366 × 768 (720p)

Response Time: 5ms

Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

Image Maximum Brightness: 200 cd/m2

Connectivity: VGA

Some user reviews mentioned the product is worth the money and quite suitable for Internet surfing and office work. You can install it for CCTV monitoring as well.

HDMI port is not provided, which might be a bummer for many users. Overall, the product is quite good.

Zebronics(18.5 inches)

Zebronics (18.5 inches)

 Zebronics, has pretty impressive features and is likely to impress every eye.

Having a slim and glossy design, along with an anti-glare screen, the monitor is also wall mountable.

With a built-in power supply, Zebronics has packed in a deal that is hard to refuse. This package is decked with a slim design monitor, an adapter, a stand, a user manual, and a VGA cable.

These highlights make the product an attractive choice at a very affordable price range.

  • Screen Size : 46.9cm (18.5″)
  • Resolution : 1366 x 768 pixels
  • Aspect Ratio: 16:9
  • Response Time: 8ms
  • connectivity: VGA
  • Power Consumption: 20 Watts

The customer reviews for this product shed light on the high-resolution display quality that could’ve been improved. Still, the price range being so affordable; the customers have given positive feedback.

You can also check the full Zebronics 15.6 LED review.



With an HD LED-backlit TN panel, The 18.5 inches AOC Led monitor has a smart and stylish design. It comprises a narrow bezel and offers the viewers a greater viewing area.

This is one of the best monitors from the AOC brands in India. The product does not consume much power and reproduces colour with utmost superiority.

This monitor works brilliantly with Windows 8, and you can rest assured of its compatibility with the said version of Windows. The package comes with a monitor with a power chord And the user manual.

The monitor comes with an eco mode and has a gross weight of 2.8 kgs.

  • Resolution: 1366 × 768 pixels
  • Refresh rate: 60Hz
  • Response Time: 5ms response rate
  • Peak Brightness: 200 nits (2D)
  • Connectivity: Only VGA

The product does not contain HDMI connectivity. Also, built-in speakers are not present.

According to the user reviews, the plastic that has been used in making the stand is not sturdy enough.

HP 19KA 18.5 inch Monitor


This HP Product welcomes you to its breathtaking, absolutely stunning viewing experience that you cannot ignore.

This product shall help you keep your desk organised and free from clutter. This model is compact and comes with a stunning design that you cannot overlook.

The need for a bulky power brick gets eliminated because of the internal power supply.

This package includes a monitor, a power cable, and a VGA cable. The black colour of the monitor offers a minimalistic design. This product originates in the country of China.

  • Resolution: 1366 × 768 (720p)
  • Connectivity: VGA port available
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz

According to user-based reviews, none of the other monitors can be comparable at this price. The unavailability of the HDMI is quite a bummer, though.

HP gives users the brand quality they wish for, and this product did not disappoint the majority. With an Energy Star certification, users will be pushed to choose the product over others.

Dell E2016HV

Dell E2016HV

The Dell E2016HV Extends to 19.5 inches comes with a TN panel.

With the viewing angle of 90 degrees horizontal and 65 degrees vertical, this black coloured monitor in India offers its users wide screen size viewing and a breathtaking HD display.

Dell gives users a choice to customize their desktops with mounting options that are flexible enough.

  • Resolution: 1600 × 900
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Response Time: 5ms
  • Connectivity: 1 VGA port
  • Wattage: 15 watts
  • Voltage: 120 Volts

Some users were outraged by the fact that the product does not come with power cables included. The unavailability of an HDMI port has disappointed another set of users.

The monitor is compatible with an older graphics card, while the newer ones shall require a converter.

Overall, the monitor does not dishearten the majority. The vivid colors displayed on the  HD monitor, and its value for money, had gained the monitor quite good ratings.

HP P204V

HP P204V

Here comes another great product from HP in this list. This product by HP India comes with a TN display panel along with an LED backlight.

The typical viewing angle is 50 degrees vertically to 90 degrees horizontally.

This LED monitor weighs 2.8 kgs with an item height of 19 centimetres and a standing screen size display of 19.5 inches.

The product comes with an anti-glare coating feature and is in black color in India.

  • Resolution: 1600 × 900
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Response time: 5ms 
  • Connectivity: 1 HDMI port

We can mount the product on the wall, but the package does not come with a wall mount- you need to get the wall mount separately.

The HP does not come with an inbuilt webcam, and hence you shall have to forego the thought of video chatting with the help of this monitor.

This shall work great as the CCTV footage monitors, undoubtedly. The tilt angular view is not great, but the overall performance is quite satisfying for a regular user.

Lenovo D22-20

Lenovo D22-20

This extremely well-designed product by Lenovo gives its users an overwhelming visual experience, combining entertainment and work in a single package.

With 21.5 inches display screen size and a TN panel with anti-glare features, the product is mesmerising. It is one of the best on this list.

The monitor is suitable for gamers because ghosting and motion blur has been minimised. You can attach game consoles and play next-gen games.

The product also reduces the strain on the users’ eyes, enabling them to use it for long hours.

  • Hd Resolution: 1920 × 1080 Full HD ready monitor (1080p)
  • Connectivity: 1 HDMI port
  • Refresh Rate: 75 Hz
  • Item Height: 31.1cms

HDMI cable is provided with the package, and one does not need to spend extra on the item.

The product lacks a built-in speaker, but a 3.5MM Audio Jack for HMDI Audio output is provided.

I have noticed the discrepancy with the viewing angles. It has a narrow viewing range, as one can watch clearly and see the vibrant colours, only if one sits in front of it, but not from any other angle.

Philips 193V5L Led Monitor

Philips 193V5L

The 18.5 inch device, Philips monitor with LED-backlit monitor has the most staggering specifications and features and will undoubtedly catch customers’ attention. It is a decent choice for a budget monitor.

Having a three-year onsite warranty period, Philips has gone all out with this offering. The monitor features-

inbuilt speakers, 13.74 wattages,

has LED display technology for vivid colours,

comfortable display performance tuning with SmartControl lite,

compact design and rich black details,

and yes, it includes a mercury-free environment-friendly display too.

  • Resolution : 1366 x 768 pixels
  • Response time: 5ms response time
  • Connectivity: 1 VGA input port
  • Dimensions : 43.7cm x 4.8cm x 27.3cm and weighs 1.94 kgs

The expert opinion focuses on the monitor’s user interface. There have been complaints about controlling the monitor functionalities.

However, given the price and the sharp features, previous users have agreed that the product is worth the monetary value. It is very budget-friendly and is entirely satisfactory.

The Super Quick Monitor Buying Guide!

Let me give you a quick buying guide to buy the best monitor as per your needs.

Main purpose

You need to determine why do you need a monitor? Do you need a gaming monitor or for Office work or for watching movies. Do you need a printer for video editing or professional photo editing?

For Gaming, you need faster refresh rates and lower or faster response rates. At the same time, video and photo editors should look out for colour accuracy.

Curved or Flat

If one wants a more immersive experience and a large FOV (field of view), go for a curved monitor. But remember, they are quite expensive.

Two screens or One ultrawide

If you have a lot of space, you can go for two screens. If you want a lot of screen display size, you can go for an ultra-wide monitor.


One of the most vital considerations in the buying process is the resolution display number.

Is it HD ready? Does your monitor support 4k? Is it 720p, or 1080p? Is it a high-resolution display? These are the questions people should ask. The higher your monitor resolution, the sharper and better will be the picture quality.

Look out for 720p that is 1366 x 768, as the minimum, and preferably opt for a Full HD 1080p or, in other words, a 1920 x 1080 resolutions display. Typically, all the monitors will support a 16:9 aspect ratio.

Refresh rate

We measure the refresh rate in terms of Hertz or HZ. It means how many images can be displayed on the monitor in one second.

The larger the number, the better or smoother is the image quality on the screen. Usually, all monitors come with a refresh rate of 60hz.

If you are a gamer, you can choose a monitor with a 75hz refresh rate and flicker-free technology. For next-gen PS5 120hz monitor is the best.

Response time

For response rates, the lower the figure, the better it is. You usually should not be concerned with this number unless you are a gamer. Then it would help if you ideally looked out for a rate of 1-3ms, which is a quick response time. 

Otherwise, 5ms response time to 7ms response rate is also suitable for regular home or office work, and the monitor will generally be quite budget-friendly. But you will see and feel a lot of motion blur and screen tearing in fast-paced video games.


The number of ports a monitor has is also an essential consideration. Typically all monitors have a VGA and a DVI port. But nowadays, an HDMI port is necessary to attach a set-top box or a gaming console to the monitor.

Viewing angles

Viewing angles mean how off-centre you can view the screen without image or colour distortion.

Panel Type

The best panels nowadays are the VA panel. Then comes IPS panels and then the TN panels.

Though IPS screens have faster response times and better colour reproduction.

VA monitors have a better contrast ratio.

The TN or twisted nematic are the cheaper ones. They have poor image viewing angles but are affordable and have fast and quick response times. The IPS or the in-plane switching screen is the better alternative with better viewing angles.

Other considerations

  1. Does it have a VESA mounting pattern around its rear edge such as this?
  2. Does it have an integrated USB hub or card reader?
  3. What kind of screen coating is on the screen (matte/glossy)?
  4. How much vertical travel can the display’s height adjust by?
  5. How much does it weigh?
  6. Does it come with a stand, or will you have to buy one separately?
  7. What kind of warranty is included, and what is the duration of the warranty?, is it an onsite warranty?

In conclusion, I hope that this list has comprised of all the products that you might need to make your lives a little easier.

After all, technology has been progressing for such a long time to make people’s lives more comfortable and not more complicated.

There are monitors available in India in 2023 under Rs 5000, out of a wide range. Choose the best one and choose the right one!

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