HP X1000 Wired Mouse Review- Economical, Reliable and Durable.

Today, finding the right mouse that is durable and long-lasting is very hard. Almost every time we buy a mouse, we hope we can use it for more than a year, but it seldom ever happens. After using a mouse for 5-6 months, issue after an issue arises.

HP x1000 Mouse Review

So let me give you the HP X1000 wired mouse review, as according to me, that’s the mouse you need. This mouse provides excellent and reliable performance and is also available in two stunning colours – glossy black and metallic grey.

My Verdict on the HP X1000 Wired Mouse

The HP X1000 is value for money. and is ideal for ladies, kids, and generally all people who have small or medium-sized hands.

This mouse works great, but this does have a small size. I have big hands, so using this mouse wasn’t convenient for me for a long time. It functions perfectly and is reliable, but I can’t use this mouse as using this mouse for long, it did strain my hands.

This mouse is excellent for light to medium usage in homes or offices. 

This Wired Mouse also has superb sensitivity and response, so its performance is also pretty reliable.

This mouse is also very smooth to use and works on most surfaces, and does not need a mousepad. 

If you are in the market for a decent, budget and value for money wired mouse, you should go for this. 

It can also very easily fit in your pocket or a small bag as it is small in size.

The scroll wheel of the mouse is very smooth and very silent.

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HP X1000 Wired Mouse (Black/Grey) Specifications & Features

  • It has three buttons, including the middle click and a rubber scroll wheel, making the mouse’s operation even more smooth and almost effortless.
  • This mouse connects to any 2.0 USB port and has 1000 dpi optical tracking, which adds to its performance.HP always delivers excellent products, and this mouse indeed is one of them.
  • The X1000 also has an optical sensor that works on most surfaces, so you can use it wherever you want without needing a mousepad.


12 months

DPI (Dots per inch)






  • It has a glossy back and a metallic grey shine that looks quite marvellous.The product dimensions of X1000 wired mouse are 5.7 x 9.5 x 3.9 cm, and it just weighs 90 grams.
  • The shape of the mouse is also ergonomic, but the size is a bit small. It’s very comfortable to use, though. This mouse movement is swift and has almost no lag.
  • This mouse is a wired one, and it’s pretty durable. It also comes with a two (2) year limited warranty. So you don’t need to worry about any performance issues.
  • The design of the mouse is also very sleek and has a premium feel to it. This mouse will add to your style in your home/office.
  • You can use this mouse even without a mousepad as it is compatible with any surface.

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  • Good value for money and great budget mouse
  • Excellent for people with small hands.
  • Superb sensitivity
  • Works on most surfaces
  • Smooth and silent scroll wheel
  • Portable


  • The size is a bit too small for some people, so they may not be comfortable using this mouse for more prolonged use.
  • This mouse is not designed for gaming.
  • It does hang/freezes sometimes.
  • This mouse is only compatible with Windows and not with Mac or Chrome OS.


How much is the cable length of the HP X1000 mouse? 

The cable length of the HP X1000 mouse is two (2m) or around 6.5 feet long.

Is HP X1000 compatible with USB 3.0?

Yes, the mouse is compatible with a 3.0 USB interface.

Does the HP X1000 have OTG support?

Yes, this HP X1000 Wired Mouse does have OTG support.

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