BenQ GW2840T Monitor Review

BenQ GW2840T Monitor India Review: Full HD 1080P IPS Monitor

The lockdown blues has maximized our screen time. We are all aware of the harm extended screen time can cause to our eyes.

Hence, it has become quite necessary to choose a monitor, where we will be spending most of our time, with the utmost care.

The BenQ GW2480T comes in black colour. The company Benq guarantees a top-notch quality product that tries to raise no questions in the minds of the consumer. But is that so?

We present to you the BenQ GW2480T review that shall cater to your needs, well

My take on the Benq GW2480T monitor

I have found that external speakers or laptop speakers work better than the two speakers at the bottom of the monitor. 

It might not be the professional photographer’s choice, but normal average users can lay their hands on this as the image quality is excellent.

 I also really like the height adjustment feature. 

Another feature I like is the Eyecare technology and adaptive brightness.

For video editors, students, and business users, I would recommend this monitor. It is worth the price if you primarily use monitors for programming, reading, and watching videos as the text is not pixelated.

It is ok for casual gaming, not for hardcore gamers due to its low refresh rate and response time. 

A 3.5mm, headphone/ earphone jack, is also provided, but it doesn’t have any USB ports, which is ok for me.

It is quite a pocket-friendly full Hd 1080p monitor, and I highly recommend it if you need the height adjustment, have a dual monitor setup, as this has very slim bezels, and if you want flicker-free and low blue light feature and do not want to strain your eyes.


BenQ GW2480T Monitor specifications and Features

  • With a 24 inch (23.8), Full HD ( 1920* 1080) 1080P IPS panel, the BenQ GW2480T monitor comes with decent peak brightness and built-in speakers.
  • The product comes with good viewing angles.
  • Ultra-slim bezel is provided for virtually seamless dual-monitor setups
  • The monitor comes with Eye-CareTM Technology for a flicker-free viewing experience and emits low blue light to reduce eye irritation and fatigue. 
  • The company has received a certification by TUV Rheinland, for the same.


39 months


1920 X 1080 Full HD

Refresh Rate

60 Hz, 75 Hz at 1024×768

HDMI Ports


Response Time

5 ms

Pro Tip

The Eye Care feature has to be activated. It is not switched “ON” out of the box.

  • Cables can be hidden intricately inside the stand of the monitor.
  • With product height of 21.26 inches, a width of 6.9 inches and a screen display size of 23.8 inches, this monitor has a resolution of 1920×1080 (full HD).
  • The product dimensions of the monitor are 42.01×17.53×54 cm, and it weighs 5.7 kilograms.
  • Having a standing screen display size of 23.8 inches, the monitor comes with 1 HDMI port, 1 audio-out port and 1 VGA port.
  • It is also VESA wall mount compatible and comes with all the standard screw holes.
  • The Response Time of Benq Gw2840T is 5 milliseconds.
  • BenQ GW2480 monitor comes with a 3 years and 3 months   (39 months) warranty.

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Included components

After unboxing the product, you shall find a Monitor, 1.5m Power cable, HDMI cable, CD, user manual, and guide. 


  • The unique Brightness Technology adjusts the brightness according to the ambient light, and therefore, manual adjustment is not required.
  • The low blue light technology is used to filter out harmful blue light and thus providing good sleep quality.
  • The flicker-free technology causes significantly less strain on the eyes. When people are working, reading, or studying for long hours on the monitor, they don’t need to blink or rub their eyes frequently. 
  • The colour weakness mode helps to aid people with low colour recognition ability to enjoy the real true-to-life colours.
  • Along with sturdy and elegant looks, the monitor gives unparalleled picture quality.
  • The monitor looks very elegant and classy.
  • It comes with an HDMI cable included in the box.
  • The Gw2480T gives genuinely authentic colours, deeper blacks, higher contrast, and sharper details. 
  • The IPS (In-Plane Switching) panel technology gives true colours and real image reproduction from all angles. Broad wide viewing angles provide a similar viewing experience for various people in the room.
  • It comes with a Height Adjustment Stand so you can easily adjust the height, pivot, tilt and swivel according to your needs.
  • There are three connection options, including 1 HDMI, 1 DisplayPort, and a D-sub.
  • There are two (2) in-built speakers as well.


  • The volume from the internal speakers is relatively low, you might be unable to hear some dialogues in the youtube videos clearly. A quick workaround is the monitor can work well with external speakers through the 3.1mm jack.
  • Ghosting might happen during swift movements, which makes it unsuitable for gaming, due to a low refresh rate of 60hz (hertz) and a response time of 5ms.
  • Sometimes slight backlight bleeding might occur.
  • The black levels are not entirely dark black.


How is GW2480T different from GW2480? 

The BenQ GW2480T monitor supports height adjustment, while the  BenQ GW2480 does not.
The product’s height can be adjusted according to the user’s need and hence, correct seating posture can be maintained while working or studying.
The monitor’s height, tilt, swivel, and pivot can be customized accordingly. There are few to no monitors having this feature, at this price range.

How is BenQ GW2480T comparable to Dell P2419H? Which one is better suited for work purposes?

The Dell P2419H consists of an additional display port but does not ship with an HDMI cable. GW2480T and GW2480 are more friendly on the pocket than Dell P2419H.

What is the refresh rate of the monitor? 

The refresh rate of the monitor is 60 Hz.

Is GW2480T matt finished? How much does it reflect light in the background?

 Yes. The GW2480T does not reflect much light.

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