HP 410 Printer Review: Is The All-in-One Wireless Ink Tank Color Printer Worth It?

HP 410 Printer

HP 410 Printer: Over the years, printers have been evolving. Slowly but surely, Now they have become an integral part of our lives, in-office or in our homes.

Firstly, we have been through lots of problems when using printers. When the ink got over again and again, and we used to rush to refill it or buy another cartridge. To put that problem to rest, printer companies introducing printers with ink tanks rather than small cartridges.

HP 410 Printers Key Pointers

Hello friends, let’s discuss today a very well-known printer in India, the HP 410 All-in-One (printing, scanning, and copying ) wireless ink tank colour printer, which comes with voice-Activating printing, i.e., it works with Alexa and Google voice- assistant.

Made by Hewlett-Packard (HP), this printer has been used consistently across India for a very long time.

This printer is moderately priced with some outstanding features. Even the installation of the printer is also very smooth and easy.
Let’s find out whether it is still worth a buy? So let’s start the HP 410 printer review.

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HP 410 printer Specifications (As per Company)

Connector TypeHP App, Wi-Fi, through USB
Printer ClassInk Tank
FunctionalityAll-In-One (print, copy, scan)
Pages per minute19 ppm (Black & White), 15 ppm (Colour)
Cost per page10 paise (black and white), 20 paise (colour)


It weighs around 4.6 KG while its dimensions are 15.5 cm * 52.5 cm *49.5 cm.


4800 x 1200 DPI, 1200 x 1200 DPI

The print resolution, as stated by the company, is 4800 x 1200 optimizing dpi (dots per inch) in colour and 1200 x 1200 rendered dpi in black. The text quality of the printer is of good quality and looks very clear and crisp.

Pages Supported

The pages supported by this printer include A4, B5, A6, dl, and envelope.

Included in the box

  1. The printer comes with along with a Black Ink Cartridge (90 ml), a Colour Ink Cartridge (70) each for Cyan-Magenta-Yellow- so 4 ink bottles in total, a Power Cord, a USB cable, and a User Manual for instructions.
  2. Therefore, no batteries are requiring to operate this printer, and you just have to plug in the power cord to the power source.
  3. We also get two printer heads when we buy this printer. So, the good thing is that if anyone printer-head gives you a problem, you can always replace them with the second head.

Our Take:

My advice to everybody is to use Wi-Fi now. Anyway, everybody has a Wi-Fi connection at home now, so I would suggest buying a wireless printer rather than needing to connect your phone/tablet/computer to the printer again and again through an OTG or USB cable.

For the best quality, I would advise you to print on 150 gsm glossy paper to really make your photos stand out. The pixel quality will make you go, Wow.

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Check this Out:

If you are using it to print about 10 pages per month, ink works fine without getting dry. The ink tank is outside the window on the right-hand side. Color markings are given over the ink tank.

There is an initial cost when buying, but it is very economical in the long run.

Also, when you register with HP, they will give you an email address.

As well as 24/7 WhatsApp support provided during the week from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m.

The company claims to provide installation and repair within 6 hours.

Features of HP 410  Wireless Printer

  • A one-year official manufacturer warranty from the date of purchase
  • Inbuilt voice-activating printing function.
  • Can request a free installation at your home by calling HP Support.
  • The printer can also be used for both scanning and printing.
  • Paper tray can hold approximately 100 to 150 pages.
  • One Can download and use the HP’s Smart App to print, scan any document with your phone freely.
  • Also, its output can range from 4.5 colour pages per minute(ppm) while the cost per page is around eighteen (18) Paise.  The yield for black and white pages per minute is 7.5  while the printing cost, per page, is around ten (10) paise as per the iso standards.


  • This printer is ideal for homes and small offices.
  • The maximum monthly recommend printing is up to 1000 pages for a month
  • Compatible ink, as recommended by HP, is HP gt52 and gt51.
  • The printer’s page yield is around 4000 pages black and white, and 8000 pages of colour.
  • Ink provided with the printer is refillable and mess-free and smudge-free, which is a great feature to have. Therefore, many times when I have been using my printer in the office or at home if you touch that text when the print has just come out the ink smudges.
  • The installation CD is included with the printer while you can also download the software from the HP site online and you can print without the internet, you just need to be on the same wifi connection.
  • We can also monitor the ink levels as the ink is transparent.
  • Eliminate steps involving repetitive tasks with one-touch customizable shortcuts, using Smart Tasks.
  • The printer lacks an auto-duplex print option, but you can always do that manually, so it is not a deal-breaker.
  • The printer also supports apple’s Wi-Fi protocol.

Cons or Disadvantages

  • The printing speed for xerox colour and PDF files is ok but is very slow when connecting to Wi-Fi.
  • We can’t directly print using a USB pen drive.
  • It also doesn’t have office-centric features like automatic document feeder ADF and fax capability.
  • We don’t use the printer for over 2-3 months, the ink inside the nozzles can get dry.
  • It also makes some noise while printing.
  • Time taken to print a colour document without any graphics is good, but the scanning is very slow.

Installing Process:

After installing the printer, press the resume button for approximately 3 seconds to print a test page. This test page is basically to do the printer head alignment. Just scan this test document by pressing the copy button, and the printer will be ready for use.
I would suggest maintaining the printer regularly by printing out at least one document.

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Inkjet vs. laser printer- Our take:

If you want to print photos, stickers, and different materials like glossy paper, you should use an inkjet printer as it passes liquid ink and blends very well with the paper.
Printing 10-30 pages when using an inkjet printer is also advisable.

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Is the HP 410 printer head replaceable?

Yes, you can buy additional printer heads.

Can the HP 410 work with a single battery inverter?

Yes, the printer works on an inverter battery.

What is the cost of a refill bottle for HP 410?

The cost of a refill ink bottle is around 450-500 for each colour and 550-600 for black. The black one is bigger than coloured ones.

To print a document from my smartphone, is it compulsory to have an active internet connection?

The Internet is not needed if you are on the same Wi-Fi network. If you don’t have a router, you can use Wi-Fi directly. Alternatively, you can connect it to your phone via a USB cable.

What is the difference between HP 310 and HP 410?

HP 410 has built-in Wi-Fi, whereas HP 310 is not a wireless support printer.

What is the difference between hp 410 and 415?

There is a difference in the capacity of the tanks between both the printers.

Wi-Fi has stopped working on HP410. What should I do?

Press the Cancel key and Wi-Fi key simultaneously for 3 seconds and see if it works out.

What is the difference between hp 410 and hp 419?

Both printers have the same functions; the only difference is the tank capacity. HP-410 has around 6000 pages, while HP-419 has about 12000 pages of black copies.
OS Support
Windows 7 or higher

How do I reset my HP 410 printer?

As a result, you need to just press both the wireless and the cancel button on the control panel together at the same time for around three seconds.

How do I install my HP 410 printer?

Step 1: After removing the printer from the content box, just remove all the tapes and stickers attaching to the printer. Step 2: Fill the ink tanks.
Step 3: Install the printheads.
Step 4: Just Load paper into the input tray.
Step 5: Align the printheads and prime the ink system.
Step 6: Install the printer software.

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