Best Keypad Phone Under 2000

Are you looking for the best keypad phones under 2000 Rs. in India, but confused on which brand or model to buy?

Well, in this article I will go over my recommendations and choices. Please go ahead and read on to find the top-rated keypad phone for yourself.

In this article, I will

  • Give you my Top Recommendations and choices,
  • How I picked the best phone under 2000 rs.,
  • Tell you about some things or points you need to consider before your purchase. (Buying Guide)
Best Keypad Phone Under 2000

For Those in a Hurry

Here are My Top Recommendations for the Best Keypad Phones under 2000 Rs. in India in 2023.

  1. Nokia 105 Dual Sim. (The No.1 Keypad Phone under Rs.2000)
  2. Samsung Guru 1200. (2nd Keypad Phone under Rs.2000)
  3. Lava A1. (Best keypad mobile phones under 1000)
  4. Nokia 150 (2020 edition).
  5. Samsung Metro 313.

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Not all of us can afford a smartphone, and many times they are just not required.

Salespersons, telemarketers, Medical Representatives, elderly people many times require a budget phone for their day-to-day activities. Maybe you just want a secondary phone for your needs.

These mobile phones will be affordable to the common people and have been designed keeping them in mind. These have all the functions they require.

We have noted down these features for you to help you select the best for yourself.

Even if you own a smartphone and want to keep one aside for professional or personal use, this list is for you as well. Pursue along to find the best match for you and your needs.

How I Picked the Top Phones under Rs. 2000

  • Product reviews are quite important because people share their honest opinions about the product which can help potential customers make a decision. I looked at various reviews on tech sites and magazines, as well as on Amazon and Flipkart.
  • I compiled reviews for all the latest phones and ranked them according to various factors including the price, sound quality, design, etc. That way you’ll know which phone suits your needs the best.
  • You can read about the phones and you will find that they have great reviews and ratings. You will also find that these phones are of excellent quality and meet all of your needs.

10 Best Keypad Phones Under 1000-2000 Rs. in India

1. Nokia 105 Dual Sim (best keypad phone )

First up, I would suggest buying the dual sim model, I think the price difference is hardly a matter of 200 rs, at the time of writing this article.

Nokia is a brand that is quite popular in the Indian subcontinent and has is known far and wide. Here we have on our list the amazing Nokia 105.

Nokia 105

This phone is extremely lightweight. It shall place no stress on your hands while you’re operating it. This phone offers all the features that you need.

This phone is very compact and is quite minimalistic if that’s the look you’re going for.

The Nokia 105 compact phone comes fitted with a 1.8-inch display that offers a resolution of 240 x 320 pixels.

The Nokia 105 comes with 4Mb of ram and an 800 mAh battery. You can use the phone for around 2 days without charging.

The phone allows the user to use dual sims; the consumer can simultaneously get professional and personal contacts.

The mobile phone does not come with a pre-installed camera. Still, it does provide access to Bluetooth connectivity, which helps you share files over a short distance.

The mobile phone comes in blue, pink and black colours, and you can choose the best one accordingly.

With the Nokia series 30 plus operating system, the phone shall give you its worth. With 163 grams, the mobile phone is very light, and its dimensions are 13.6×3.3×11.9 cm. The package offers a handset, an earphone, and a charger.

It also has a power-saving mode along with FM functionality.


  • No camera
Battery Power800 mAh
DisplayTFT screen 1.8 inches
Warranty1 year

2. Samsung Guru 1200 (GT-E1200)

Samsung Guru 1200

Here we bring you another product from Samsung. As we have said earlier, Samsung is a Korean company that has established its presence in the Indian subcontinent.

The Samsung guru 1200 has done wonders in the Indian market. With many people not having enough to invest in a smartphone, this phone is quite helpful and pocket-friendly.

One of the best features of the phone is that it comes with an anti-dust keypad. The keypad phone also has a quick call feature.

This cell phone comes with a 1.5-inch display screen that has a resolution of 128×128 Pixels. The product offers other basic features as well.

With the price well under 2,000 rupees, the product has a ram of 153 Mb and an 800 mAh battery capacity, which gives around 7 hrs Talktime.

Sadly, the product does not come with an inbuilt camera, and Bluetooth connectivity is not present.

With models available in black and white colour, the model presents a monotonous and minimalistic look which modern people go for. Included with the handset are a charger and an earphone.

The phone has a proprietary operating system, and the mobile phone weighs 63.5 grams.


  • Single sim
  • No Camera
  • No Bluetooth
Battery Power800 mAh
DisplayTFT screen 1.52 inches
Warranty1 year on device

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3. Lava A1( Best keypad mobile phones under 1000)

In the fifth position, we have the Lava A1. Lava has tried its hand to become a known name in the Indian marketplace.

It could not dominate the marketplace, but lava has left an indelible mark with their mobile phones under 2000 rupees in India.

Lava A1

The Lava A1 keypad mobile phone comes with a great battery backup that lasts longer than most other mobiles. The battery lasts for up to three days, making it easier to complete your day-to-day activities.

So need to remember to charge your phone. Also, the ‘‘super battery’’ mode makes sure that you do not run out of battery in the middle of the day.

One of the best features that the cell phone has is the automatic call recording feature. It automatically records any incoming or outgoing calls.

Lava did not fail to introduce entertainment features to keep you occupied while travelling. The wireless FM radio will give you access to the radio features with a 1.8-inch display screen.

The phone comes with a resolution of 120×160 pixels and an 800 mAh lithium-ion large battery capacity that will last longer than you expect.

It also supports a dual sim and offers a one-year warranty for the device and six months on accessories included in the package. With Bluetooth and GSM connectivity, the features will overwhelm you.

It also has a 0.3 MP camera with zoom built-in.

Available in different colours, the phone also suits the teenager’s needs.


  • Some Installed Bloatware.
Battery Power800 mAh
DisplayTFT screen 1.8 inches
Sim2 (Dual)
Warranty12 months on device
Special FeaturesSuper Battery mode, Instant Torch,
Support for 22 Indian languages,
Bluetooth, Wireless FM, 0.3MP primary camera with zoom

4. Nokia 150 (2020 edition)

Nokia 150

We have another product from Nokia on this list. Nokia has been dominating the budget mobile phone market. It has done so with its very sturdy cell phones that are not easily damaged and have excellent durability.

The Nokia 150 comprises many features, making it a must-buy. This Nokia 150 has a 2.4 inch TFT display with a resolution of 230×320 Pixels.

With a phone under Rs.2,000 rupees, it has a ram of about 4 MB extending to 32GB.

The mobile phone has an adequate amazing battery backup of approximately 600 hours. The phone has a 1020mAh battery. This cell phone supports dual SIM as well.

Additionally, it comes with a 0.3 MP primary camera, which is ok to shoot photos. The mobile phone comes with Bluetooth 3.0 and GSM connectivity, which help share files over a short distance.

The package comes with the necessary accessories such as a charger, the handset, and an earphone. It is exclusively available in black colour, weighing about 81.6 grams, and has a dimension of 11.7×1.3×5 cms. Overall, this mobile phone is worth your money.


  • Slow in operation
Battery Power1020 mAh
DisplayTFT screen 2.4 inches
Special FeaturesFM radio, Mp3 Player, Dual sim
Warranty12 months on the handset

5. Samsung Metro 313 (SM-B313E)

Samsung Metro 313

Samsung has become a household name in India with the ‘‘Make In India’ campaign. This South Korean company has done tremendously well, especially in the manufacturing of mobile phones.

The Metro 313, manufactured by Samsung, is a mobile phone with a two-inch TFT display with 176×144 pixels.

It has a ram of 16 MB which is expandable up to 16GB and has a 1000 mAh battery.

The mobile phone supports dual SIM and also offers Bluetooth GSM connectivity. With the proprietary operating system, the Samsung mobile phone is available in black, gold, and grey colours.

The accessories include a handset, a charger, and an earphone.

It has a large screen display size of two inches and a 0.3 MP primary camera. This mobile phone produced by Samsung weighs 72.6 grams and has a dimension of 11.3×1.3×4.6 cm.

This cell phone is worth the price it is being sold at and shall get you all you need for your day-to-day work. Being priced reasonably, this Samsung mobile comes with an excellent resolution that is sure not to keep you hanging.

Battery Power1000 mAh
DisplayTFT screen 2.0 inches
Warranty1 year on the handset
Special FeaturesDual sim

6. Micromax X381( 2nd Best keypad mobile phones under 1000)

Micromax X381

From Micromax, we have one of the best models it has ever manufactured.

The brand has been manufacturing basic phones for quite a while now, and Micromax (an Indian brand) has made its presence felt in the Indian mobile phone market.

While we all would love to have smartphones, a digital detox would do us good. This model from Micromax has a TFT display screen of 1.77 inches, which is quite helpful and boasts a resolution of 128 x 160 pixels.

The storage is expandable to 16 GB, making the phone even more beneficial to store contacts and your data without worrying about the space crunch.

Even though it has a low price, the mobile phone offers users access to a 0.08 MP rear camera. Honestly, this is quite a steal at this price range. The keypad has been designed to give the user a feeling of ease.

Has the standard Calculator, Calendar, Alarm features.

Has a RAM of 32 MB.

Battery Power800 mAh
DisplayTFT screen1.77 inches

7. Philips Xenium E168 Dual SIM Mobile Phone

We’ve all heard about Philips, a brand that dominates the electronics market, but many of us had no clue that phones were a part of their production line.

I present to you Philips Xenium, which shall bring you all the features you need in a cell phone for work and entertainment.

Philips Xenium E168

This Philips model comes with a display screen of 2.4 inches, having a resolution of 240×320 pixels, assuring the user of good display quality.

The consumer shall have no strain to figure out the details on the screen. It also has expandable storage of up to 16 GB, making sure no space crunch shall arise when you’re working.

The device has a warranty of one year, while the other items in the package come with a warranty of 6 months.

With the presence of a 1600 mAh battery, you can experience a long enough battery life, which shall cause no hindrance to professional or personal functions.

The most important feature of the phone is that it supports the Devanagari or the Hindi script, making the option even more viable for the Indian audience. By changing the interface, you can use it accordingly.

The cell phone supports a backside camera.

The built-in flashlight, FM, MicroSD support up to 16 Gb gives the cell phone an added advantage over the others.


  • No Tamil Font.
  • Phone hangs sometimes.
  • Low voice clarity.
Battery Power1600 mAh
DisplayTFT screen 2.4 inches
Warranty1- year

8. Jio Phone

Reliance Jio, the company that shook the telecom industry with the Jio sim cards’ launch, now has a mobile that could compete with all the other bestselling brands.

Jio Phone

With the company giving free internet service to its customers for about six months, the company gained enough followers to launch its cell phone in the market.

Costing less than 2000 rupees, this model is one of the best keypad phones by Jio at this price range.

The mobile phone comprises a 2 MP rear camera and a 0.3 MP front camera, making it even more special.

With the Jio voice assistant’s presence, this basic phone has enough applications to engage the users and provide them with ease of doing work.

The product comes with various applications that can be of use to the users. These applications won’t be found elsewhere.

The expandable memory slot has been deemed to be better than any other at this price point. With the internal storage of 4 GB, one gets to expand it to up to 128 GB to suit their needs.

With excellent battery backup, the mobile comes with a massive 2000 mAh battery.

Jio has made sure that one cannot use a sim card from any other company along with the phone, which reduces your chance of choosing any other network service.


  • Screen Quality is very low.
  • Security deposit required.
  • Only works on Jio sim.
Battery Power2000 mAh
Display2.4 inches, 240×320 pixels
Special Features2 Cameras-Front & Rear

9. Karbonn K9

Karbonn K9

The Karbonn K9 is a java enabled phone that is quite suitable for the Indian audience working all the time and hardly has any time for entertainment.

It supports dual sim functionality and also has perfect long-lasting battery life.

The 1.3 MP camera has been provided to capture the moments that you need to keep forever. Also, the memory is expandable up to about 32 GB.

There is a 2.4-inch screen, with a resolution of about 320×240 pixels. Karbonn K9 has a warranty for one year and comes in black colour only.

It comes with 256MB of RAM so you can expect no lag issues.


  • The phone is average, having a low ear speaker sound.
  • Build quality is not up to the mark.
Battery Power1800 mAh
Display2.4 inches 320×240
Warranty12 months
Special FeaturesDual sim and 256 mb RAM

10. Nokia 106 (Dual Sim)

I present to you another product from the renowned brand, Nokia. The Nokia 106 supports a dual sim feature that allows the user to work on a distinct set of contacts simultaneously, without confusion and saving time.

Nokia 106

With a display screen size that measures 1.8 inches, the phone also has a resolution of 160×128 pixels, which is sharp enough for a phone at this range.

The cell phone has an internal memory of 4 MB and a warranty that lasts for a year. There is a 6-months on accessories warranty available on the other items in the box.

The mobile has an in-built Snake game which is an old-school classic. There are no other preloaded games.

FM radio has been inbuilt, and you can listen to songs on the go. As I’ve said, we can trust Nokia with the durability it offers. This mobile phone shall prove the same, with its rugged and sturdy build.

With no earphones included in the package and no support for expanding the memory, the mobile phone does the work of calling and texting.


  • The flashlight is weak.
  • No expandable memory.
  • No FM.
Battery Power800 mAh
Display1.8 inches, 160×128 pixels

Factors to help you decide which Keypad Phone under 2000 to buy in India in 2023?

Size: The size of a mobile phone is an important consideration. If you live in an area with limited space, for example, then the size shouldn’t be too big or bulky.

Camera: Many people nowadays have a smartphone camera, so knowing if a phone has one is essential for many people. So having a good quality camera to capture special moments is one of the critical features they’ll look out for in their new mobile device.

Keypad: Some people like to use a keypad. A touch-screen mobile phone looks fabulous. However, it requires more frequent cleaning and is also more easily damaged.

A keypad phone can be a real asset if you have poor vision or you’re simply not comfortable with the idea of touch screen technology.

Texting: Having a fast and reliable text messaging service on your device is hugely important for many people who rely on their mobile phones to stay in touch with friends and family members.

Battery: The battery life on your mobile phone is crucial. Many people rely on their mobile phones as an alarm clock, store important contacts or listen to music in the bath, so you must have a good quality, long-lasting battery pack.

Memory: There are two types of memory on a mobile phone – internal and external. The former has its memory integrated into the device, while the latter is removable (and usually consists of a microSD card).

Storage space: The amount of storage space on a mobile phone is again an important factor.

Display: Most touch screen mobile phones have very clear display screens these days, so in most cases, there should be a slight difference between the quality of display offered by different manufacturers.

You should also know the specifications that you would want your phone to have. Remember to check if your keypad is sturdy enough to endure constant messaging if you want a keypad phone for only texting and calling purposes.

If you need to share files over Bluetooth, remember to check if your phone has the option of Bluetooth connectivity. To help you choose your model with ease, I’ve tried to mention these mobiles’ necessary features.


I have come to the end of our list. In this list, I have tried to input the best keypad phone under 2000 rupees in India in 2023 so that anyone can have access to these phones.

The specifications I have mentioned shall help create an awareness of the features that keypad mobiles should possess.

It would help if you kept checking out this page for more information on the latest electronic machines and phones. As we all know, the electronic market is extremely growth-oriented.

New products are getting lined up every day. I shall make sure that I update you with each of them. I hope that you will visit this site if you face any problem that concerns our field of expertise. Adios!

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