Best Coca-Cola Fridge In India 2023 [Top Selling Brands]

I know that shopping for a commercial fridge can be difficult, but I have made the process easier. 

I have compiled a list of the best Coca-Cola fridge in India in 2023 to assist you in finding a high-quality and cost-effective refrigerator that meets all of your requirements.

Best Coca-Cola Fridge In India

This type of fridge usually relies on electricity or gas as its cooling source. There are many benefits to this type of fridge.

They can keep food, soft drinks fresher for longer, they use less energy than their counterparts. Also, the refrigerator smell is not noticeable due to the design of this type of refrigerator.

Top Coca Cola Refrigerator in India

#1. Voltas VC425 Visi Cooler- A Single Door (425 Liters)

Voltas VC425 Visi Cooler

The Voltas cooler is the perfect cooler for any occasion, and that is why it is my preferred cooler on this list.

The Voltas VC425 is a stylish, cool-looking appliance that will keep your food and drinks at the perfect temperature.

Key Features

  • The Visi Cooler has a soft look design and incorporates two-pane glass to avoid any additional cooling loss. The 2 panes of glass are for better insulation.
  • The UV-grade plastic used makes this an attractive-looking option that will last longer than other coolers on the market.
  • This product has passed international lab certifications so rest assured knowing this cooler meets high-quality standards set forth by them.
  • The Visi cooler features a lot of great qualities that you would want in your home. It is corrosion-resistant too.
Product Capacity425 Liters

The castor wheels included in the cooler make it easy to move around.

It is the perfect commercial refrigeration product offering from Voltas.

But what sets this machine apart from its rivals are the special features like tropicalized compressors and the insulation which is CFC-free and is the perfect choice for environment-friendly, safe operations.

The sunken handle makes it easier to open and close in confined spaces which reduces the risk of injury as well as guards against loss or theft while providing unrestricted accessibility.

The door also comes with a built-in lock.

The warranty on this cooler lasts up to one year.

The Voltas Single Door is a sleek and compact cooler that can hold up to five shelves, perfect for storing one’s favourite beverages or items on each shelf. Did I tell you the shelves are adjustable too?

The temperature range for this product lies between +2 to 8 degrees Celsius.

This makes it perfect for storing food or beverages of various temperatures in your kitchen.

#2. Blue Star VC275-Vertical Single Glass Door – Visi Cooler

Blue Star VC275

The Blue Star VC275 is a sleek and stylish fridge that lets one see their food items or packets in perfect condition.

It also features an adjustable shelf for storage needs as well as uniform cooling as great benefits.

Weight61 kg
Capacity250 L
Item Dimensions (LxWxH)57.5 cm x 60 cm x 170.5 Centimeters

With its clear product visibility through the reflective glass and with self-closing doors to keep things from getting hot, this will be one purchase users will not regret making.

Key Features

  • The self-closing doors also come in handy when your hands are occupied and you need to close the door.
  • 250 L capacity is just perfect for small establishments.
  • The Blue Star visi cooler is also an energy-efficient and cost-effective option for keeping your food fresh.
  • With features like a glass door that allows you to see all of the products inside, as well as intelligent sensors so it does not overcool or gets too hot – this product will never let you down.
  • The intelligent compressor and thermostat inbuilt into this cooler by Blue Star are made for combating high energy costs.
  • UV-protected sheets keep your goods safe from exterior harm like rusting or corrosion. Also, the galvanised exteriors prevent penetration by UV rays – making sure they last much longer.
  • The hard-working compressor ensures even cooling for all products, regardless of their position in the freezer or cooler.
  • The Blue Star Visicooler is a fridge with adjustable shelves and an adaptive design. It can be customized to fit any height, allowing you to keep all your supplies neat in one place.
  • It is a versatile and practical fridge that can keep your food fresh, no matter what you store in it.

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#3. Western SRC 280-GL Visi Cooler with Single and Glass Door- Commercial Refrigerator (280 L)

Western SRC 280-GL

What is more refreshing than the cold snap of a cooling Visi cooler? The Western SRC 280-GL Visi Cooler and Commercial Refrigerator keeps your beverages ice cold and preserved all year round.

With an impressively roomy interior that features one door, this model can hold up to 280 L in just its standard single configuration.

Item Dimensions (LxWxH)54.9 cm x 51.4 cm x 151.5 Centimeters
Energy Power Consumption
‎3 Kilowatt Hours
Number of Total Shelves Available‎4

A refrigerator is a must for everyone who likes to keep their food fresh. The Western fridge is environmentally friendly, free from any CFC insulation.

Key Features

  • Western SRC 280 cooler is an excellent choice for those looking to store their cold beverages, milk, and other dairy products.
  • This fridge comes with four adjustable shelves. These can hold up to 300ML bottles or 330ml cans and other tall containers such as wine bottles, ice cream boxes, etc.
  • The vertical design allows easy storage of PET bottles of dairy products or other perishables.
  • It comes with a glass design which makes it look modern. The fridge also has a bar side pocket handle that adds even more style and shine.
  • It also features a bottle opener and that comes along with a crown holder.
  • This appliance has a safety cover that protects all its cables and gives it a very clean back with no coils in sight.

You can also easily clean it with ease to keep your food fresh for longer; plus this will prevent dirt from accumulating around components while preventing knocks.

The safety features make this appliance durable and safe for kids, as when they see an opportunity to snack on something they should not be eating.

It has 211Watts of compressor power that will keep your drinks cold in no time at all.

The only drawback with this product is its lackings such as temperature control options but overall this is a decent option.

Blue Star VC225 – Vertical glass door -visi cooler

Blue Star VC225

The Blue Star VC225 Vertical is a sleek and stylish cooling unit that can be used to store food and various beverages.

Item Dimensions (LxWxH)53.5 cm x 52 cm x 173.5 Centimeters
Item Capacity220 litres

Blue Star cooler is a trusted name in the industry. They provide an excellent option for safely storing products while keeping them at an ideal storage temperature.

Key Features

  • This product has adjustable shelves for uniformity in temperature Control. These, as well as reflective window panes so one will never have trouble finding their items.
  • The self-closing feature of this fridge also makes sure everything stays closed while not being touched. This prevents any dust or dirt from getting inside the cooler.
  • It is made in India.
  • Its vertical design helps in saving space and it also supports a corrosion-resistant body to enhance its longevity.

Voltas VC320 -Visi Cooler with Plastic Single Door, 320 Liters

Voltas VC320

The Voltas VC320 320 Liters cooler with its two-pane glass doors ensures cooling for fruits or vegetables inside without any loss due to other factors like sunlight exposure.

Key Features

  • This product features an aesthetically pleasing design. It uses with UV grade plastic so it lasts longer than most competitors on the Indian market today.
  • Please don’t forget about how well these units have been certified by international laboratories as being able to put out consistent performance day after day.
  • The door can open either way thanks to two-pane glass windows that allow light in without losing cooling power.
  • The Voltas VC320 is a very functional cooler that will look great in your shop, restaurant.

Elanpro ECG 305 – Visi Cooler – Single Door (300L)

Elanpro ECG 305

The Elanpro ECG 305 Visi Cooler is an ideal choice for those looking to cool down their beverages and cola bottles.

Number of Total Shelves
Temperature Range
1°C to 10°C degrees celsius
Total Wattage
160 Watts

Key Features

The Elanpro ECG 305 Visi Cooler offers a Life Time Warranty worth ₹2500.

This product has adjustable shelves with Lock and Castor wheels for easy movement. It is designed in such a way that it can be used during any season of the year.

It comes with adjustable shelves with enough space to accommodate up to 300 liters.

The door also has a locking mechanism. This makes this unit extra safe from prying eyes, hands alike, and even children. This ensures whether you are present during business hours or not your belongings are always secure.

The Elanpro ECG 305 Visi Cooler is the ideal machine for chilling. It can be placed in small spaces and has a double glass door. This provides visibility of all internal components to ensure optimal performance every time you use your cooler.

Coca Cola Vending Cooler

Coca Cola Vending Cooler

Coca-Cola’s iconic vending machine is now available in a sleek red colour. This cool little cooler can hold up to ten, 12-ounce cans of one’s favourite beverage and it has the latest technology, too.

The Coca-Cola Vending Cooler is a must for any collector of retro coolers. This imported machine features thermoelectric cooling, which ensures that your beverages stay refreshingly cold even after hours on display.

The thermoelectric cooling system is also used to make the retro cooler work silently.

Coca-Cola’s retro vending machine is perfect for any occasion. It is sure to become a collector’s item.

With its cool design, the Coca-cola cooler will look great sitting out during parties or events with friends while keeping everyone satisfied with their favourite drinks.

Plus with its fun design, it can be used anywhere in one’s home or office for dispensing.

Voltas VC220 – Visi Cooler (Single Door) , 220 Liters

Voltas VC220

The VC220 Visi Cooler is perfect for any establishment with a need to store food or drinks at a chilling temperature.

Capacity220 L

With its soft-looking exterior finish that features two-pane glass walls to ensure no loss from cooling, this product also has a capacity of 220 liters.

It is certified for performance by international laboratories, which means it can maintain minimum temperatures between 8 degrees (approx).

It also is built with UV-grade plastic material that will not crack or peel like other cheaper alternatives.

Rockwell RVC580A Visi Cooler

Rockwell RVC580A

Rockwell RVC580A is a cooler for the fastest chilling in a sleek design that is both durable as well efficient.

It can hold up to 420 liters of your favourite drinks or food so you do not have to find another place.

Item Weight129 Kgs
  • This heavy-duty compressor is energy efficient as well.
  • The sleek appearance will match any outdoor décor. Its capability to hold up to 420 liters makes it perfect for your shop or restaurant.
  • The Rockwell RVC580A Visi Cooler is an energy-efficient, durable cooler that can keep your food fresh for longer. It also has the ability to be pretty economical with its low operating costs and maintenance-free features.
  • With over 34 years of experience in commercial refrigeration, Rockwell Industries Ltd’s team of design specialists ensures that each product is innovative and meets customer needs.
  • The company uses internal LED light, which ensures visibility in hot weather for businesses looking to grow their business while reducing electricity bills through refrigeration systems designed with extreme Indian conditions in mind.
  • They also attract a lot of attention from prospective customers passing by.

Hope you could finally decide on the Best Coco-Cola Fridge In India that meets your demands.

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