KEVIN TV REVIEW – Top 5 Models in 2022

In this article, I will be telling you about the Kevin TV brand. Also please check out the various Kevin Tv reviews below.

Beston Skyvision Pvt. Ltd is a Company which was established in India in 1976. Since then, it has managed to capture the market and has experience of more than 40 years.

The company is well known for its consumer electronics and serves its consumers with the best quality and budget-friendly products. It works with a Brand name called Kevin and has successfully made a mark in the market.

Kevin TVs are not only affordable but come with unique features that will enhance your viewing experience twofold times. Specifically, these models are durable, and you can completely trust their functionality.

The company offers smart TVs at a highly competitive price.

Here are some of the unique features that you will find in these TVs.

Features Of Kevin TVs

• Their TVs have A+ grade panels, which means the final output or the screen quality is unmatchable. The quality of panel TV speaks a lot and creates a difference in your viewing experience.

• The company manufactures smart TVs so you can watch your favourite Content from OTT platforms like Hotstar, Sony Liv, Zee5, etc, and many more. The TVs have a Cloud TV app that lets you enjoy all the content in one place.

• Did you know that you can watch the content from all over the globe by just typing the title because the TV is smart enough and will browse you through all the available content. You can watch your favourite shows, movies, TV shows, or even documentaries with just one click.

• Kevin manufactures its smart TV in a most innovative way that updates or freshens the apps and software and provides its user with regular updates. This features maintains the life of your TV and enhances its performance.

• There is no compromise on the TV panel and its colour quality. The A+ Grade panel gives regular over-the-air updates.

It is made to go under several tests before getting out in the market, which saves it from scratches, smudges, or cracks. Only the panel which passes all the tests can come out in the market and are rated A+.

• The company has a transparent policy, which means that the TV is achromatic and of the best quality.

These are some of the best-selling TVs from Kevin, which are unbeatable in their range and have the best reviews.

Various Kevin TV Models

#1-Kevin 109 cm (43 inches)- A Smart LED TV-4K Ultra HD (KN43UHD-PRO), (2021 Model)(Black in Colour)

Kevin 109 cm (43 inches)
  1. Screen Size: 43 inches
  2. This TV supports the highest resolution, which is 4K Ultra HD, and the
    viewing angle is 178 degrees.
  3. It has multiple connectivity options, and there are 3 HDMI Ports and 2 USB ports with which you can connect your Hard drive and USB devices.
  4. There is one Optical Audio Output with which you can connect soundbars and one Ethernet Port.
  5. This is a smart TV with Android 9.0 Cinewall. There is Content Discovery Engine where you can search for your favourite shows.
  6. The TV supports Bluetooth connectivity along with speakers that have a sound quality of up to 30 watts.
  7. This is a highly-priced product, but there is no compromise on the quality and features.
  8. It has ample storage, and the design is made to perfection.
  9. Its Display has Dynamic picture quality, and the product is instilled with lucent technology, which gives real experience and thrill.
  10. The design is eye-catchy with Super Slim Bezel, and its finish is super smooth.
  11. The installation is quick and easy. You can install the product by following the guide which is given along with it.
  12. Warranty- The customer will get a warranty up to 1 year from the date of purchase on this product.
  13. The HD picture quality is nice to look at.

#2-Kevin 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready Smart LED TV KN32A (Black)(2021 Model) | With Alexa Built-in

Kevin 80 cm (32 Inches)
  1. Screen Size: 32 inches.
  2. It has high Resolution and supports HD quality. The resolution is 720p (1366×768).
  3. You can play games because it has option to connect to gaming console, Blu Ray players, and there are 2 HDMI ports with which you can connect the set-top box.
  4. Also, hard drives or USB devices can be connected through the two ports which are given.
  5. Other than that, you will get Built-in Wifi and Alexa. The TV can be connected to a PC or wireless headphones.
  6. The users can benefit from its Wireless Headphone control and screen mirroring. The music system is great with upto 20 Watts of sound Output.
  7. There is no compromise on space, as it has 1GB RAM and 8 GB ROM.
  8. On top of it, there is a super-smooth Quad-Core processor which lets you perform multiple tasks at a single time.
  9. You can connect the TV to Bluetooth enabled speaker, which will certainly let you have Theatre like experience at home.
  10. The warranty lasts up to 1 year from the date of purchase. The return policy is simple as it can be replaced or refunded within 10 days in case of any defect.
  11. Incredible visuals

#3-Kevin 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED Smart TV K32CV338H (Black)(2021 Model)

kevin tv 32 inch
  1. It supports HD resolution, which is up to (1366×768), and the viewing angle is at 178 degrees.
  2. The TV can be connected to a set-top box and gaming console with its 2 HDMI ports, and there are 2 USB ports with which you can connect hard drives or any other USB devices.
  3. The TV supports the Android 8.0 version along with screen mirroring and PC connectivity. The headphones can also be connected.
  4. It has built-in WiFi, and the sound quality is up to 20 Watts. On the other hand, the display is unmatchable with HRDD technology and Cinema mode, which supports 16.7 million colours.
  5. It has the feature of Screen Mirroring, where you can share the screen of your iOS or Android phone with a TV screen and watch your favourite movies or play games.
  6. There is an App that is pre-installed, and it includes all the live news channels.
  7. The remote can be accessed with just one touch. This shortcut will help you to get all entertainment channels at once.
  8. The TV is equipped with 8GB RAM and 8GB ROM, which means it has ample space and works at a good speed.
  9. Warranty – you will get a warranty up to 1 year from the date of purchase and the item can be replaced or refunded within 10 days from the date of purchase.
  10. Cons- • The installation service provided by the company is not good.

#4-Kevin 80 cm (32 Inches) HD Ready LED TV K56U912 (Black) (2021 Model)

kevin tv
  1. It supports HD screen Resolution, which is (1366×768) which gives the user better picture quality and an ultimate viewing experience.
  2. The HRDD technology enhances the colour and creates crystal clear visuals.
  3. You can connect the set-top box with 2 HDMI ports, and other USB devices can be connected through USB ports.
  4. The audio is impeccable, and the audio quality is 20 watts.
  5. The Panel is A+ with Cinema mode, which means that you can have a Theatre like experience while seating at the comfort of your home.
  6. You can easily connect Xbox, PC and VR to your TV and enjoy all the games with its wireless connectivity.
  7. Warranty – you will get a warranty up to 1 year from the date of purchase, and the item can be replaced or refunded within 10 days from the date of purchase.
  8. Screen size is 32 inches.(For larger screen size you can also check the best projectors under 10,000 rupees in India.

#5-Kevin 60 cm (24 Inches) HD Ready LED TV KN24832 (Black) | With Inbuilt Soundbar (2021 Model)

Kevin 60 cm
  1. The sound output is 50 Watts, which means it is amplified, and you will have better listening experience.
  2. It supports HD Resolution and has advanced HRDD technology which enhances the colour quality and makes every scene come alive.
  3. You can play games as it has a gaming console, and there are 2 HDMI ports and 2 USB ports with which you can connect hard drives or USB.
  4. There is an In-built Soundbar and supports Wireless Headphone.
  5. The Display is A graded with Wide Viewing Angle and covers up to 178 degrees.
  6. The Clarity and Contrast are unbeatable, and colour adjustment is fixed.
  7. The remote has so many buttons, and the navigation is easy.
  8. The product is excellent, and it lets you have access to content from all over the globe with just a single click.
  9. One thing that makes this TV stand out is its price. This is a budget-friendly product.


Well, we have already listed all the important and extraordinary, and notable features that make TVs from Kevin take a special place in the market among its competitors.

The demand for their products remains all the time high because the quality is unbeatable and the price is budget-friendly. The products mentioned above are Smart TVs and the best in their specific range.

They come with their own set of smart features, and you can make a choice according to the preference you have for a particular feature and, most importantly, the size.

Buying a good TV is a valuable choice that you have to make as a customer, and we have done all the important research so that you can save your precious time.

Hope you enjoyed reading the various Kevin Television reviews and for more articles on Televisions read here.

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