Philips BT3221/15 Beard Trimmer Review [Updated]

For men, it’s not just about shaving. It’s about a style – one that is uniquely your own.

Whether you’re sporting stubble or a full beard, this Philips BT3221/15 Beard Trimmer Review will help you in sculpting the perfect beard for your face, and give you the ultimate in control and versatility to shape and style as you desire.

If you are in a Hurry, here are the Best Features of the Philips BT3221/15 Trimmer:

  • 20 length settings,
  • Corded as well as Cordless,
  • Fast Charge- 90 min run time with just 60 mins of charging,
  • Self-sharpening Titanium blades,
  • 30% faster cutting.
Philips BT3221 trimmer review

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Features & Specifications of Philips BT3221/15

According to one’s needs and requirements, the trimmer should be chosen keeping in mind a few aspects that should be known by anyone who wishes to use a trimmer.

Special FeaturesFast charge, Lift and Trim system, No Oiling required.
Suitable ForBeard & Moustache
Not Suitable ForHair and Sensitive areas
Battery Run Time 90 minutes
Charge Timearound 1 hour
Cutting ElementStainless steel blades with Titanium coating
Precision0.5-10 mm
Length Settings20 settings
WaterproofNo (Some accessories are washable)
2 years plus 1 year extra after registering on Philips portal. So, 3 years in total.

This product from Philips is a high-grade one that will last you two months, with one charge.

This Philips product has an edge over the other trimmers under 1500 rupees. The lift and trim system has increased the trimming speed by about 30%, and the long-lasting performance of the trimmer makes it one of the best.

Corded/ Cordless:

The Philips BT3221/15 comes with an option of using it with the attached cord or using it cordless. This choice gives the user the freedom to choose between the two.

The trimmer from the company of Philips can operate for about 90 minutes, when it has been charged fully, for an hour. This 90 minutes of charge can last you more than a month.

This means you will carry this equipment on short trips or treks, facing no complications. The portable trimmer will be ready for you to use anywhere.

Length Settings:

The trimmer is easy to use, and any user will be able to use it among its twenty-length settings by simply turning the wheel.

Once you turn the wheel, it will lock the length setting, and you will get your desired shave. If the user wants to remove the comb, he will be set up for a zero trim look.

20 lock-in settings are made available on this trimmer, and a light indicator showing the battery level is also displayed.

Lift and Trim:

One of the significant advantages that come with the trimmer is its 30% faster cutting.

This system is a lift and trim system where the system guides the hair which is lying low to the blade’s level. The lift and trim system will benefit the user in terms of efficiency.

With the presence of dura power technology, the trimmer observes limited power consumption to make sure the tremor lasts long.


Blades form the most crucial part of a trimmer, and they have to be efficient. And this Philips trimmer uses titanium blades for cutting-edge performance and boasts a sharpness that lasts long.

Easy to Clean:

It is given that the equipment will get dirty and hence this makes it easy to clean. By removing the head of the trimmer, one can clean the head under a running tap.

Once the head has been clean, we should dry it before putting it back on the trimmer.

Battery Indicator:

The trimmer comes with a battery indicator provided in the equipment to aid the user in knowing when the trimmer’s battery would be low or full or empty or in charging mode.

• Ergonomic Grip:

 The product has been made to satisfy the user, and with its ergonomic grip, the product ensures that the user will have no problem in shaving the areas that would typically be hard to reach.

Travel Pouch:

To carry and store the trimmer during trips, the product comes with a travel and storage pouch. This travel and storage pouch shall make sure that your trimmer is well protected.

This trimmer is best to carry on trips and tours and also comes with a pouch to keep the trimmer protected and in place.


The company manufactures the product in Indonesia and gives a warranty of three years after registration.

Comparing the Philips BT 3211/15 vs the Philips QT 4011/15 :

Compared to the Philips QT 4011/15, the lift and trim technology are unavailable, while this product boasts a lift and trim technology.

The QT 4011/15 comes inbuilt with a charging indicator, while this same product comes with a battery indicator.

Philips BT 3211/15 vs Philips BT 3211/15

Compared to the BT 3211/15, the Philips BT 3221/15 comes with a run time of 90 minutes, whereas the former comes with a runtime of 60 minutes.

The former one has blades made of stainless steel well. This product has blades with a titanium coating.

Care and Maintenance of the Philips BT3221/15

Whatever the product might be, Any electronic appliance requires proper care and maintenance. This product requires maintenance too.

First, the user must understand that this is an electronic appliance that is not waterproof.

We should not put the trimmer under running tap water and as mentioned earlier, the head is detachable and can be washed under the tap.

After drying the head, we can put it back on the trimmer.

Second, the trimmer has its specific purpose, and it is to be made sure that the trimmer is not being used for any other activities.

Third, a trimmer is a personal hygiene product.

Just as one does not share a toothbrush with a friend or a family, one person should only use that particular trimmer to maintain hygiene. For a full body use, one should use a body groomer.

Fourth, don’t use air fresheners near the power unit. The chemicals in them can corrode electronics. We should keep supply units at a distance.

Last, users are asked not to use petrol or Acetone, or any other aggressive liquids while cleaning the appliance.

User Reviews

User reviews bring in the first-hand experience from users who have used the product, and they can testify to the efficiency of the product.

-According to user reviews, the travel pouch provided with the product is made of poor quality.

-The trimmer’s body has been built using plastic, and the quality could have been much better.

-A review noted that the product might get heated after using it for 20 minutes, but it is negligible, and nearly every electrical appliance goes through the same.

-The product is been slightly noisy and he would have also preferred a replaceable AA battery.

The product received a good review overall, and it seemed that the users were quite happy with this appliance.


In this Philips BT 3221/15 trimmer review, I have tried to provide every detail that one needs to know before laying their hands on this trimmer.

I hope that this review is comprehensive enough for you to make the right decision, so you don’t end up with the wrong product that doesn’t serve its purpose.

Make sure to check out every detail before ordering one. I would not want you to end up with a product that you wouldn’t like.

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