Best Soundbar under 5000 in India in 2023 [Updated]

If you want a Definitive Guide to assist you in choosing the Best Soundbars under 5000 Rs. available in India Right NOW, you have come to the right article.

In this article, I will

  • Give you my Top Recommendations,
  • How I picked the best,
  • Tell you about some things or points you need to consider before your purchase. (Buying Guide)
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Gone are the days when our speakers used to be so heavy and packed in between a cluster of wires. They were not user-friendly options and were bulky and not portable at all.

There is constant innovation to make the needs of everyday life even better. Sound bars are among the millennial life necessities and have left speakers way behind. They are compact and easy to carry around, which makes them a music enthusiast’s first choice.

If you are in the market for some quality sound like-

  • live cinematic Dolby viewing experience at home,
  • or 3d surround sound,
  • a wireless subwoofer
  • and giving a boost to your TV speakers, you should go for them.

How I Picked the Top Soundbars under Rs. 5000

  • I went through various ecom sites and analysed product reviews from various customers. The goal was to see the Soundbars perform under various scenarios.
  • Then I ranked them according to some factors like Sound quality, Design, Price etc..
  • I also went through different audio sites and magazines.
  • You’ll find that these have excellent reviews and ratings from customers on Amazon as well as an impressive spec sheet that will suit all of your needs.

Best 10 Soundbars under Rs.5000 in India in 2023

1. boAt AAVANTE BAR 1160 Bluetooth Soundbar (Best Boat Soundbar under 5000)


This Bluetooth soundbar from boAt takes you to a different dimension with its 2.0 Channel Sound. It adds charm to your visual and audio experience.

You get a remote control device that lets you play back with operational controls.

There are dual connectivity options, including wired and wireless connectivity options such as Bluetooth V4.2, USB, and AUX.

The looks are classy than any regular computer speaker. It delivers premium audio with 60W RMS and becomes a perfect companion for your entertainment.

It has dynamic drivers that measure about 2.25” x 4 and produces high elevated sound. BoAt AAVANTE Bar 1160 guarantees an immersive listening experience.

Speakers Maximum Output60 Watts
Connector OptionsBluetooth V4.2, AUX, USB, 3.5mm jack
Battery LifeNo battery backup


  • The Bass is unmatchable and produces a dynamic sound.
  • It elevates your surroundings and has the option of multi-device connectivity.
  • The sound quality from the speaker is crisp, and the build is excellent.
  • Looks are decent and can be mounted on the wall easily.
  • Creates a live experience for its user.
  • The remote control feature is beneficial.
  • The structure is customized and unique, which delivers enriched and decent sound quality.


  • You might face trouble with the auto switch-off feature. The soundbar automatically turns off if left idle for 15 minutes.
  • The stand for wall mounting doesn’t fit well.
  • The user manual guide is complicated to understand.
  • AUX cable is not made of good quality.

2. FD E200 Soundbar Speaker System in Black Colour 

FD E200

FD assures its users in India the best sound qualities with its 2.0 channel audio output.

We can connect the speaker with multiple devices and play the music for long hours without any worry.

The 3W power output of this gadget is complemented with an attractive and sleek design.

The soundbar has a 2.0 high-quality integrated speaker, and its premium design is aesthetically-pleasing, thanks to a front passive radiator. This front panel gives it a beast-like structure.

The design is ergonomic, which gives it an edgy look, and the frequency response of the device is from 100Hz to 20KHz.

It is light to carry and weighs under one kilogram. E200 is Compatible with USB devices that are 5V operated, including your laptop, PC, and various music gizmos.

You can read the full F&D E200 Soundbar Review.

Speakers Maximum Output3 Watts
Connector OptionsAux, USB, 3.5 mm, No Bluetooth
Battery LifeNo in-built battery


  • The sound system is stylish and produces crisp and amazing sound along with a superior Bass enhancer.
  • There are multiple available connectivity options, which you can use to choose the music from your preferred device.
  • It has Metallic speakers with 3W of output power and cutting-edge technology.
  • It gets easily connected with headphones and earphones because of its 3.5mm audio jack.
  • You can play personalized music with no disturbance.


  • It is not suitable if you want to play loud music.
  • The Bass sound is not high enough.
  • It uses wired connections and can only be connected through AUX cable.
  • It is not powered by a battery and operates on a power supply.
  • No Bluetooth.

3. Portronics Pure Sound Pro III POR-891


This is another soundbar from Portronics. This promises to deliver good quality sound with its powerful in-built speakers of 5W (RMS).

It is equipped with 4.2v Bluetooth technology and can be connected with a USB drive, AUX-IN, and FM.

A Mode Button in the soundbar lets you change the different modes on the soundbar conveniently.

The Portronics Pure Sound Pro has a unique feature that orally announces your current mode if you forget it while playing music.

It also contains a 2500mAh lithium Ion battery that keeps the soundbar working for up to 7 hours with a single charge. The design is robust with high versatility.

Speakers Maximum Output10 Watts
Connector OptionsWireless, Bluetooth, a USB, an AUX, 3.5 mm jack
Battery Life7 hours


  • Amplifiers are great with high precision,amazing sound quality and deliver power-packed performance every time.
  • Battery life is long and reliable; We can fully recharge the device in 3 hours.
  • Low frequencies are in the range of 180Hz. High frequencies are over 18KHz. The Signal-to-Noise Ratio from the soundbar is 75dB. 
  • The wonderful design is well-balanced with effective sound output
  • Build quality is up to the mark, and connectivity is wireless, saving your time and energy.
  • There is no breakage in the sound it produces.


  • Doesn’t connect to FM easily.
  • This is a slightly heavy product and not quite suitable to carry around.
  • It does not support loud and thumping Bass.
  • The remote control feature is not available.

4. Mulo Arena 5000 2.1 Channel Soundbar

Mulo Arena

One of the best-selling products from Mulo had to be on this list.

The bass effect is intense with 2.1channel that gives the speaker a massive boost. The Mulo Arena 5000 has a 25W wired subwoofer along with a 45W RMS output.

There are speakers inside the soundbar that help deliver high and mid frequencies and create full-spectrum surround sound audio quality.

It makes for a perfect travel companion because of its lightness in weight.

The soundbar has an AUX to AUX cable connected to your TV, laptop, tablet, or computer. It has Bluetooth v4.2 and a USB port and an AUX to RCA.

The minimalist design is sleek, and you get the option of mounting it on the wall.

The Mulo Arena 5000 supports multiple modes that you can switch for sound configurations.

There are four pre-defined EQ modes that include – movie, 3D, music, and news. We can make the adjustments with Bass and treble levels to suit one’s needs.


  • The 2.1 channel delivers crystal clear sound quality. The sound quality is crisp. You can also check the best 2.1 speakers under 5000 rs.
  • The design is ultra-sleek, which makes the soundbar look stylish. We can place it anywhere, also complimenting your furniture.
  • The pre-defined modes focus on the details of the sounds, making the details sound crisp and clear.
  • The Bass is high-powered.
  • With the DSP technology, the sound gets dispersed in 180 degrees.
  • This soundbar has a wireless connection and has Bluetooth mode.
  • The remote control feature lets you adjust bass and treble mode.
  •  Wall mountable.


  • There is no option for an HDMI arc or optical port connection.
  • You can use USB mode only through a pen drive.

5. Portronics Sound Slick II, 40Watts Model-POR-936 Wired Connectivity & Wireless Bluetooth Sound Bar in Black colour

Portronics Sound Slick II

This soundbar comes with groundbreaking 2x20W stereo sound and premium Bass speakers.

It has TWS that delivers a reliable, strong, and fantastic sound.

Equipped with the current technology, it has 4.2 BLE Bluetooth, which saves you from the hassle of connecting wires. It can be seamlessly connected to your TV or your computer monitor.

The soundbar is compatible with a Micro SD card or one can use an AUX-in port through the 3.5mm jack.

remote control feature is available, and we can wall mount the soundbar. Also, it doesn’t weigh as much as a home theatre.


  • We can adjust controls conveniently.
  • Designing is slender, excellent finish along with solid construction.
  • Elevates the room with its powerful visual appeal, and its sound distribution is impressive.
  • It has multiple connectivity options and is easily compatible with the phone.
  • Sound Slick II offers thumping sound with its 2 Stereos of 20W.
  • Bluetooth pairing is easy.
  • Wall mounting features add a different charismatic look to the overall ambience of your living space.


  • The wire of the AUX input cable that comes along with the package is too short.
  • There is no FM.
  • It has a sound jack located at the backside, so mounting on the wall with a TV cable is not possible.
  • It does not have subwoofers.

6. Instaplay Insta Storm 4.1 Soundbar

Instaplay Insta Storm 4.1 Soundbar

This Soundbar from Instaplay gives a 4.1 channel sound experience along with subwoofers.

The device gets along very well with your TV and delivers high-quality clear audio.

It has powerful Bass, and the audio gets evenly distributed in your home.

This soundbar guarantees its user with 110dB powerful sound level pressure and crisp treble for an unforgettable performance.

The installation is easy and user-friendly with remote control features.

It has 4.2 Bluetooth that lets you connect it with a TV or standard audio cable Connection. This soundbar is packed with advanced technology that automatically detects which device you’re using it with.

Also, the soundbar ensures faster transmission speeds and a smooth connection, even if the device is at a distance.

This Instaplay soundbar is so versatile you can place it almost anywhere. It can be mounted on the wall and can be put on a tabletop.


  • One can enjoy the high-definition music along with excellent looks and classy design. The sound quality is good.
  • It has a digital led display that lets you navigate through to your desired function.
  • You can expect 3D surround sound stereo premium sound with gripping Bass.
  • The Bass in the soundbar can be adjusted according to your requirements.
  • The audio gets dispersed in 180 degrees.
  • It has a superior bass enhancer that lifts the environment.
  • The Bluetooth mode is smooth and functions appropriately.
  • It has six pre-defined modes suiting all your entertainment needs.
  • Wall mountable


  • It may create noise at a loud volume.
  • The battery backup is not too good.

7. F&D IT180X 2.0 TV Soundbar (Black colour)

F&D IT180X

This is an ultra-sleek soundbar with a 3-inch full-range driver. The F&D soundbar in India is designed in such a way as to fit perfectly under your flat panel TV.

Its 1-inch silk tweeter per channel results in high-definition sound output. One can use it both ways- tabletop or wall-mounted.

It supports a Bluetooth A2DP profile and pairs well with your smart TVs.

Once it gets connected, you can enjoy your high-quality music thoroughly for long hours and with precision in sound.

The F&D has a 4.0 Bluetooth version and speakers that produce heart-thumping Bass.


  • The design is slim and compact, which compliments flat TV screens.
  • It Supports All Smart Devices that are equipped with Bluetooth. Its CSR Bluetooth solution works appropriately within the range of 10 meters.
  • The front control panel is impressive with LED light indicator, AUX mode, and muted mode.
  • Bass is uplifting even without an external subwoofer.
  • The quality matches the price you are paying for the product.
  • The battery backup is pretty decent.
  • Wall mount possible


  • You cannot trust this device for its durability.
  • The user installation manual is complicated.
  • It isn’t easy to connect the soundbar through AUX mode with the TV.

8. Molife Amplify 100

Molife Amplify 100

This soundbar from Molife guarantees you an unforgettable and unique sound experience with its superior sound quality.

It has a deep rich Bass and crystal clear sound of 12W that increases its user’s listening experience twofold.

The controls are straightforward, and it includes Classic Jog Dial Power and Volume control. You can adjust the volume according to your needs.

The sleek design of the Molife is ergonomic, and the size of the soundbar is compact; overall, the company has given it a minimalistic look.

It is backed by an 1800 mAh rechargeable battery that can work up to 8 hours of battery time from a single recharge. It has a blue LED indicator that makes the Soundbar eye-catchy.

The Molife is compatible with a wide range of devices, including Apple, Android, laptops, TVs, and desktops.


  • Molife Amplify 100 delivers crisp and fantastic sound with its built-in subwoofers of 6W.
  • Connectivity is wireless, you can easily do wireless music streaming.
  • The design is compact and sleek, and the build is solid and of high quality.
  • It has a deep and dynamic Bass that uplifts your surroundings. Good cinematic experience.
  • It works well with your laptop, tablet, or desktop.
  • This is a value for money product.


  • Not quite suitable if you like to listen to music at a high volume.
  • The treble is average and lacks crispiness.
  • Molife Amplify 100 does not have a remote control, which means you will have to use the buttons physically.

9. iBall Musi Bar High Power Compact Soundbar

iBall Musi Bar

The Musi bar is packed with super sound through a powerful stereo of 10W. The sound deliverance is perfect and pleasant to the ears.

The speaker can be also be carried along because of its lightweight. 

Iball Musi Bar is durable and portable and can be played for up to 15 hours without interruption. You can enjoy the surround sound stereo performance with engineered Bass.

The design is Premium and Classic. It has a Built-in-Mic that lets you enjoy every sound note.

The soundbar is packed with many connectivity features. We can connect this device wirelessly through Bluetooth and other modes like MicroSD, AUX, and USB.


  • The Musi Bar has a long battery life, which lasts up to 15 hours from a single charge.
  • It delivers a hands-free experience with a built-in mic.
  • There is no compromise on its quality. It looks elegant on the eyes with its stylish looks.
  • It has clear vocals and trebles. The sound quality is pleasant.
  • You can connect it in the direct range of 10 meters.
  • Bluetooth connectivity works well without any interruption.


  • FM doesn’t work correctly.
  • You can’t expect loud Bass from this Musi bar.
  • Speakers may interrupt the sound in between.

Read the Full iBall Musi Review.

10. Blaupunkt BLAUTVSB-01 80W Bluetooth Soundbar (Black, 2.0 Channel)

Blaupunkt BLAUTVSB-01

This list cannot end without talking about this soundbar from Blaupunkt. With power-packed audio of 80W RMS, it lifts the sound of your TV speakers and gives it an additional punch.

It provides a better sound experience for your favourite programs.

It is fully equipped with USB, dual AUX-In, and Bluetooth connectivity, so you don’t have to worry about connecting the wires.

This soundbar raises your style profile and crafts a unique atmosphere.

All the more, you get a remote with full functions that you can use to power on/off, adjust volume, or change modes of your soundbar.


  • This soundbar doesn’t weigh much and can be carried around anywhere.
  • It is compatible to work without any distortion when the music is playing on loud volume.
  • There are no complaints about Bluetooth connectivity.
  • The soundbar goes well with TV speakers and makes an ultimate surround-sound audio experience for its user.
  • One can pair and easily connect with their smartphone very easily.
  • The durability is good.


  • Bass and treble sound output doesn’t work up to expectations.
  • It can create interference between TV frequencies.
  • Doesn’t work well on low volume.

Factors to help you decide on which Soundbars under 5000 in India to buy in 2023?

1) Sound Quality: This is the main consideration one should have. Soundbars should have good sound quality.

2) Number of speakers: Soundbars with more number of speakers will usually cost more

3) Connections: – HDMI, USB, Wi-Fi: Some soundbars in India have connections where you can connect your smart TV to it while others do not.

4) Other features: A good sound bar with woofer under 5000 in India should have additional features like Bluetooth connectivity and voice assistant compatibility.

5) Brand customer service: This is another important factor to consider when choosing the Soundbars under 5000 in India in 2023.

6) Design/look: The design of a soundbar has a big impact on the amount it costs. A soundbar with a cool look will cost more than one with an average design, even if the sound quality of both is very similar.

7) Size/space requirements: It can be useful to know the space requirements of the speakers before making a decision on which Soundbars to buy in 2023.


The above list is well researched, and the soundbars that are mentioned are competitors in their specific range.

We have mentioned the particular details that the user needs to know while buying a soundbar. All the products come under Rs.5000 in the Indian market in 2023 ( at the time of writing) and make up for some budget-friendly options.

These are the trending and newly launched soundbars in 2023 that come with the latest technology and high-quality sound.

However, since there are multiple options, I recommend comparing each of the products’ amazing features like price range, Dolby high-quality sound, wireless smart device connectivity, surround sound, etc., and cons and then deciding on choosing the one among all the products.

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