Zebronics 15.6 inch LED Monitor

Zebronics 15.6 LED review: Best Budget HDMI Monitor

The display plays a pivotal role in the way we experience our PCs. Whether you are gaming or merely editing photos, a monitor comes in handy. Therefore it is crucial to make a smart choice.

The right monitor will enhance your viewing experience. So, when it comes down to buying a budget monitor, nothing beats the Zebronics monitors. Today I will discuss the Zebronics 15.6 inch LED the ZEB- A16HD Monitor (39.6 cm) review, which is widely sold in India.

One must keep some essentials in mind while purchasing monitors, and here are some to look out for-.

  • Specific purpose – If you want to purchase it for gaming or for professional work. The monitor for gaming will require different features than the other one.
  • The Resolution – The more the resolution, the better will be the picture quality. Resolution is directly associated with the pixels of the monitor.
  • Response Time – The lesser will be the Response Time, the better it will be, especially when it comes to gaming. Over here, less is better. The more the response time, the more the picture will get motion blur and a ghosting effect.

My take on the ZEB-A16HD Monitor

Suppose you are a gaming enthusiast with not a very high budget. In that case, you might be satisfied with this product because of its picture quality.

The quality is lower than 1080p but still gives a good playing experience with hardly any ghosting. You may play games in windowed mode to make the colours pop.

Also, if you are looking for a budget-friendly Monitor, which can be used at home, especially for ‘working from home’, you can go for this one.

This monitor will be an excellent choice as an external monitor for your laptop or desktop. It is very affordable and carries a very economical price.

In my opinion, this is the best cheapest HDMI 60hz monitor. Buy it.

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The Company: Zebronics

Zebronics, a leading Indian company, was founded in 1997 in Chennai. Today it has grown bigger and specializes in manufacturing a wide range of electronic products.

Zebronics 15.6 LED Monitor has an employee strength of over 1,100 people, spread across 31 offices, and has more than 128 Care centres spread all across India.

With a wide-ranging retail presence of 50,000+ locations all over the country, the company is connected by a strong network of their dealers and resellers. These Zebronics Care (service centres) provide support to their consumers.

Zebronics is known for its EQR Mantra, which stands for Excellence, Quality, and Reliability. Zebronics offers quite a wide range of products, including gaming peripherals and sound systems.

Zebronics, 15.6 inch A16HD, LED Monitor Features & Specifications:

  1. The Zeb -A16HD monitor boasts of a slim and sleek design, which will surely be captivating for your eyes. The monitor has a Built-in HDMI and Power supply and comes with a high glossy front panel and a stand.
  2. The colour quality is satisfactory, it shows a good quality image and is very good for the price. The panel’s size is 39.6 cm (15.6), and the pixel pitch is 0.252 x 0.252mm.




720p (1366 x 768)

Refresh Rate

60 HZ

Response Time


Let us see the specifications provided by the company.

  1. Zebronics 15.6 LED Monitor, in their LED monitor, will give you a native resolution of 1366 x 768 or 720p, a Dynamic Contrast ratio of 500000:1 and the aspect ratio remains at 16:9.
  2. One can easily hang the monitor on the wall, which will save you some space. The Maximum Brightness is around 220cd/m².
  3. It weighs around one and a half kg, which makes it very lightweight.
  4. The Response Time of the Zebronics 15.6 LED Monitor is 5ms. The Input is VGA/HDMI, and the Power Supply it requires is the normal AC 230V, and it consumes around 10 Watts of power.
  5. There are five buttons present behind the screen (1-ON/OFF, 2-Menu,3- Left,4-Right, 5-Auto) to make adjustments to the brightness etc.
  6. It comes with 2 ports – a built-in single HDMI and 1 VGA port.
  7. The Product Dimensions are 8.6 x 42.9 x 31 cm. and the warranty period is three years.


  • ZEB-A16HD LED has a super fine sleek design, looks good and supports 1366*768 resolution at a refresh rate of 60Hz, which produces images at a resolution of 720p or 1080i HD resolution.
  • The Zebronics 15.6 LED Monitor has good picture quality if you consider the price you will be paying for it. The high glossy bezel makes it shine, and the anti-glare feature enhances the experience of the viewer.
  • The company provides a built-in power supply in the monitor.
  • You will be saving up on space as the monitor is wall mountable and also has a small size and a compact design.
  • It is great value for money when compared to other monitors that are available in the market.
  • This product is suitable for gaming on pc and even console PS4/Xbox gamers can benefit from it, as it has an HDMI and 720p resolution and a refresh rate of 60hz.
  • The response rate of 5ms does the job, and the frame rate is fluid.
  • The screen resolution is not full HD 1080p, but even then, the colour reproduction is quite good.
  • This monitor is ideal for work from home at a very low price.


  • You can only vertically tilt it, the height cannot be changed.
  • The picture quality is quite good but not great, like full HD laptops. The black colour reproduction is not very dark black.
  • You may find dead pixels appearing on your screen.
  • The contrast and brightness are not up to the mark.
  • If the resolution is lowered, it starts to look blurry.
  • The company does not provide In-Built speakers with the monitor.
  • No full HD 1080p resolution.


Can we connect a USB keyboard and mouse to the ZEB-A16HD LED ?

No, they cannot be connected to the ZEB-A16HD LED monitor directly.

Does this product carries any warranty? If so, what is the warranty period?

Yes, the ZEB-A16HD LED has a warranty period, which is up to 3 years.

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