F&D E200 Soundbar In India Review: Quality Speaker System In 2023

The main thing to look for in the speaker is its durability and sound quality. There shouldn’t be any compromise on these aspects. Over time, Speakers have modified a lot.

They are no longer heavy products that you can’t carry along. The market is flooded with many brands now manufacturing soundbars, but if you are looking for a reasonable, budget, and quality one, here is the F&D E200 Soundbar review.

About F&D E200 Soundbar Speaker System (Black)

In this section, I will tell you what the company claims about the speaker system.

The F&D E200 Soundbar comes with a 2.0 channel speaker output, which gives it thumping Bass and a theatre-like cinematic experience.

The soundbar can be connected to a vast array of devices and has a 3W of output power.

Well, the gadget features an effective design that looks good in your room. 

The dimensions of the F&D E200 soundbar are 410x71x67mm. It weighs around 650 grams, and due to its low weight, you can carry it anywhere in a purse, bag, backpack.

The F&D E200 is compatible with 5V devices that can operate by taking power from the USB port.

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If you are in a hurry- My take on F&D E200 Soundbar

Not to be nitpicking, the sound may crack up while the speaker is on high volume, which creates a disturbance in your listening experience. But, you can use it at a low volume.

Due to a lack of Bluetooth connectivity and no USB port, it is less efficient to use, considering the latest wireless Bluetooth products in the market.

Therefore, you can connect to devices only through the Auxiliary cable. However, this is such a low price product on the bright side and delivers fine sound quality for everyday use.

F&D E200 Soundbar is recommended for small rooms.

Buy it if you want a budget soundbar. It gives a decent sound quality, especially at lower volumes. 

Please don’t expect powerful Bass and battery support, although it can be powered through a USB plug. It is very light, portable, and can indeed be carried in one’s pocket. 

Still, please remember it supports a USB power supply only.

For a more expensive option consider the Bose Solo 5 Tv Soundbar and for another affordable one, you can also take a look at the iBall Musi Bar.

F&D E200 Soundbar Specifications

  • Its response frequency is 100Hz~20kHz, and the Output Power is 1.5Wx2.
  •  A 3.5mm headphone/ earphone jack has been provided so that you can listen to music in private. 
  • You also get an option to connect F&D E200 Sound bar through cable, which measures about 1.2m.
  • It comes with stereo audio for a more clear listening experience. This device goes well with TVs, Desktop PCs, mobiles, laptops, etc.

FD E200 Soundbar Specifications

Speakers Maximum Output3 watts
Weight650 grams
Speaker Count1 (one)
Dimensions44.9 x 10.8 x 9.2 cm


  • The speaker produces High-quality sound. Audio comes out loud and thumping. 
  • The product weighs under a kilo; hence it becomes easy to carry around. Design is effortless and sleek.
  • The brand has also made sure there is no compromise on the sound output, even when it is small.
  • Bass is deep and thundering. The sound comes out powerful, even while playing loud music.
  • Due to its broad compatibility, you can easily play music from your preferred device.
  • Speakers are metallic and tilted in at 11 degrees, which results in broader sound dispersion.


  • The E200 sound bar is relatively light in weight, making it extremely easy to carry around and about. It is very portable.
  • The design is elegant and eye-catchy.
  • Installation is quite simple, and the device can be powered from a TV USB input.
  • It is an affordable product and punches well above its price.
  • The product comes along with a one (1) year warranty.
  • It is hard to miss for gamers, as the sound creates an immersive experience.
  • Decent Bass.


  • The E200 speaker system doesn’t have Bluetooth connectivity and can only be connected through an auxiliary wire. This makes it inconvenient and troublesome for some users.
  • When on High volume, the sound breaks and creates noise.
  • This is not a water-resistant product that makes it less durable.
  • The soundbar does not support batteries.
  • The quality of the headphone jack is not up to the mark.
  • The E200 soundbar does not have a USB.
  • Although the company claims it has good Bass, I would say, please don’t expect the Bass to be from an expensive system.
  • Moreover, it is not very tempting to carry the F&D E200 soundbar outside the house because of connectivity issues.


Question: Can I connect this device to Bluetooth?

Answer: No, this is a wired product and cannot be connected to Bluetooth.

Question: Can the F&D soundbar be connected directly to a power plug using a mobile phone charging adapter?

Answer: Yes, it can be connected. F&D E200 Soundbar speaker comes with a 5v External adaptor.

Question: Can I play FM on this speaker via mobile?

Answer: Yes, indeed, you can enjoy FM, but you will need to connect the speaker to your phone via the audio input cable.

Question: Can I connect this speaker to mobile phones?

Answer: Yes, you can connect to the headset port. But you will need to supply power to the soundbar using the laptop, computer or mobile charger.

Question: Can I play Mp3 songs via USB input?

Answer: The device does not support it.

Question: How is the Bass in this F&D E200 soundbar in comparison with creative 2.1?

Answer: Bass is not as rich as compared to Creative 2.1 speaker. This product does not have woofers that power high Bass.

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