Logitech M331 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse Review- 90% Reduction in Noise But Worth The Price?

Want to use a durable, long-lasting, and high performing mouse that also has an impressive silent clicking feature?
Want to enjoy the sound of silence?
Look no further now than my Logitech M331 Silent Plus wireless mouse review.

A silent mouse is convenient nowadays. A mouse with an excessive sound may always annoy those around you and may even cause a distraction and disturbance to you while working. Logitech M331 silent plus wireless mouse has the same click feel without the noise of clicking. Also, when compared to other mouses, this offers a 90% reduction in noise.

Specifications- Logitech M331 Mouse


DPI (Dots per inch)


Battery Life

24 months




Yes (For both Left and Right


My take on Logitech M331 silent plus wireless mouse

The silent clicking feature of this mouse is incredible. Logitech M331 is also a stylish mouse with very little noise and a good scroll wheel. I work for long hours, so this mouse was very comfortable to use as it has a better design.

 The tracking in this mouse is high-speed, fast, and pretty accurate. If you need more control over this mouse, you can download the Logitech mouse software from its official website.

 The best thing that I’ve felt about this mouse is that it automatically goes to sleep when not in operation. This feature saves a lot of battery, which is why this mouse has an impressive battery life of 24 months. I didn’t have many serious issues with this mouse, so if you want a silent mouse with less noise and some excellent features, this is the one for you. For casual gaming, the mouse is ok, as it does not have options to change the dpi.

But please remember you are paying almost double the price for the noise reduction feature.

Features: Logitech M331 Silent Plus Wireless Mouse

This Logitech mouse also has a comfortable and smooth scroll wheel that goes perfectly with its quiet clicking experience.

The mouse has an impressive 24-month battery life thanks to its exceptional and efficient engineering. The M331 also has a feature where the mouse puts itself to sleep after a period of non-use. This mouse is also compatible with any Windows, Mac, Chrome OS, or Linux based computers or laptops.

 Logitech M331 Silent Plus wireless mouse also has advanced optical tracking for ultra-precise accuracy and movement on any surface. This mouse has a 2.4 GHz wireless technology and has a 10m range for its Nano USB receiver. The mouse has no dpi switch to change its 1000dpi. The Nano receiver can easily be plugged in the USB port of the laptop.

 The product dimensions of Logitech M331 are 105.4 mm x 67.9 mm x 38.4 mm, and it just weighs a measly 90 grams. There are three buttons on this mouse, and you’ll also receive a one-year limited hardware warranty when you purchase this Logitech wireless mouse.

 Connectivity with the USB is also pretty excellent. You will observe no problems regarding connectivity as it is effortless to connect this wireless mouse. Although the company claims the mouse is ambidextrous, the M331 has been specially designed for the right hand, with curved lines to provide the thumb with a resting place.

Cons-Things I did'nt Like

  • This mouse may just be a bit too small for people with big hands, as it might feel uncomfortable while using this mouse for a long time.
  • Logitech M331 is designed for right-handers, so lefties may feel uneasy while using this mouse.
  • This mouse has a high price when compared to other similar wireless mice.
  • Since this mouse has a rubber grip, the sides get dirtier and need to be cleaned regularly.
  • Logitech M331 is also not made for serious gaming.
  • There is no Bluetooth connectivity, so we cannot connect it to devices thru Bluetooth.


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