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Thank you for visiting! Pick A Gadget is an online blog that gives unbiased and detailed reviews of the latest digital hardware, offering customers reliable gadget recommendations and tips, whether they live in India or elsewhere.

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 Drawing on technological expertise and focused research processes, this website should give you a better idea of what gadgets are worth investing in and how to make the most out of them.

Reading this blog, you’ll find a blend of advice, reviews, tutorials, tips, and buying guides. Whether one is looking for the best value for money, computer mouse available, or a review of the latest iPhone, we’re committed to providing some much-needed clarity and reliability about online tech reviews and advice.

Reviews for smartphones and gadgets are an essential step in the purchasing process. The reviews make it easier to find the right phone or device without annoying bias. This site will show the pros and cons of each review with your purchase in mind. This will make buying a new phone or gadget so much better.

This website is run by Prateek R., Currently located in Mumbai, India, and I’m a tech enthusiast. Drawing on my Master’s Degree in Business Administration and over fourteen years of experience running my own business, I hope that my site helps you with whatever gadget needs or worries you have.

  Gadgets can be expensive and difficult to purchase. Everyday buys like toiletries are simple, but buying a gadget is more like buying a car, and people often pay too much or have the wrong make or model.

For gadgets, many decisions like warranty, service, cost of repairs, cost, and ease of installation, future-proofing yourself for a no. of years, etc., all come into play along with the price. It would help if you didn’t make a hasty, uninformed decision to regret later.

 Upgrading a computer monitor just after buying one has caused more than one cringe for gadget consumers too. Buying gadgets should not be challenging, so we dig deep and do the chores in every gadget review for you.

Here at Pickagadget.in we intend to ‘not be taken advantage of’ and share insights on gadget purchasing with you, our reader. This is my mission.

I aim to develop a community of gadget buyers across India and the world who look here because of our unparalleled depth and our unbiased nature to secure the right gadget for them. Here are details about each product, so no one wastes their time looking all over for what they need to know to have the right selection of gadgets. I choose these gadgets ourselves, so each one is the top choice of informed consumers.

 My goal is to make gadget buying an effortless experience for our readers. This will make sure the right product is in our reader’s hands. The buying guides for the community here will keep you in the loop for product purchases without you looking to a salesperson. This will give you comfort that you have the right product for the right amount. Welcome, and again thank you for visiting Pickagadget.in!

What’s in it for you?

If you want your gadget advise to come from genuine recommendations, customer experiences and not only sales pages and fake reviews, I would strongly urge you to follow pickagadget.in.

You can be rest assured that all the recommendations given by me will be provided by either using and testing the product myself or after doing comprehensive and extensive research, looking at youtube videos, customer feedbacks, features of various products and the benefit they provide, etc. My aim is to help you save money, time and have peace of mind after purchasing the product and that you continue using and enjoying its benefits for a long period of time.

I have always loved and owned various gadgets throughout my life from the old Ipod, Ps1, walkmans to the latest Ps4, Ps5, Xbox series, Nintendo Wii u, Switch lite, Harmon speakers,4k televisions, best gaming laptops, Bose speakers, etc.

I sometimes use freelance writers on this site, but all the content written by them is edited and proofread by me.

I mostly do all the research regarding products to ensure accurate and trustworthy information.

Sometimes I cannot get all the products to test and get a real-life experience, so I rely on online customers’ feedback.

I do not take any brand sponsorships to promote a product.

 Prateek R.


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