Logitech K480 Wireless Multi-Device Keyboard Review

Today I am sharing the Logitech K480 keyboard review.

The Logitech K480 is a wireless multi-device Bluetooth keyboard for Windows, Apple iOS, Android or Chrome, and is a quintessential keyboard that will enhance and increase your work efficiency.

The K480 is made for the modern worker on the go, offering an intuitive typing experience. It connects to your computer via Bluetooth, letting you switch seamlessly between work and personal devices while still staying connected to your favorite apps.

If you are in a hurry, here is a quick snapshot of the Logitech K480 keyboard.

Logitech K480 Wireless

My Rating – 4.0/5

Logitech K480 Wireless Keyboard

  • Connect to 3 devices simultaneously
  • Good wireless connection
  • No lag
  • Integrated cradle
  • Not a full-size keyboard.
  • Little/slightly noisy
  • Slightly expensive
  • Not for gaming
  • No backlight

The Logitech K480 is a handy keyboard but it doesn’t offer much in the way of typing.
The keys are too small and spaced out, which can make the whole experience of typing on the board tiring. So while this is a great option for travelling or working on a mobile or tablet device, it is not so good if you’re looking to do some serious writing with your laptop.


Battery2 AAA (last up to 24 months)
Warranty12 months

Whats in the box

1 keyboard,
2 AAA batteries

Due to its good compatibility, this keyboard allows you to type on anything. You can place this keyboard on your desk and connect it with your mobile phone, with a tablet, and without saying, your desktop as well.

All you will need is a computer or a device that supports external keyboards. The feature that attracts consumers the most is the ‘easy switch dial’ that allows you to switch among the three devices while typing.

The keyboard comes with the ability to use Bluetooth connectivity with windows, Android-iOS, Mac, and Chrome OS.

Logitech K480 runs on 2 AAA batteries, which typically last for 24 months, which is excellent at this price range.

The keyboard comes with shortcuts and 12 integrated media keys. Irrespective of whatever computer or Mac you are using, you will find almost all the shortcut keys.

This keyboard does not come with illuminated keys and has a product weight of about 820 grammes.

There is no illuminated caps lock function.

The product dimension are 299×195×20 mm.

The product comes in a box including a keyboard, two AAA batteries that have been pre-installed, and the user documentation to help the user setup, the keyboard with utmost ease.

You can use this keyboard for a year without worrying about the warranty, which extends to one year.

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As mentioned before, one can connect the device through Bluetooth. The unique feature allows the user to turn a dial on the keyboard to switch typing among the three devices connected via Bluetooth.

Another feature of the keyboard includes an INTEGRATED CRADLE. When the user uses the keyboard for a phone or a tablet, an integrated cradle helps to hold your phone or tablet in position. Its length is around 10 inches.

Your phone or tablet, rest assured, will be positioned at the right angle for you to read. You wouldn’t have to worry about the size of the cradle because it fits almost all the phones and tablets.

The keyboard is Manufactured by Logitech and the keyboard comes with pre-installed batteries.

It is wire-free and so free of all clutter.

This keyboard works with ‘Logitech Options‘ software, to increase productivity and lot of custom profiles can be created through it. Although please remember the software is unavailable with Linux and handhelds.


  • The keyboard comes in various colours and looks very nice.
  •  and one can use it for everyday work. Its efficiency can be vouched for, and the allowance of connecting multiple devices makes it all the more unique.
  • If you were worried whether this keyboard would connect to older versions of Bluetooth on your laptop, you could get rid of your worry because it does.
  • If you plan to get this keyboard, you would not have to worry about the lag between keystroke and the on-screen response. There is no lag.
  • Given the weight of the keyword, the sturdiness will not disappoint you, and typing at a great speed will not budge the keyboard.
  • Great for typing on iPad.
  • Supports ios, Mac OS, Windows, Chrome OS, and Android.
  • Can connect up to three devices at one time. You can connect to Laptops, Pcs, tablets, and smartphones.


  • The heavy weight of the keyboard is a slight problem as the keyboard is not easily portable.
  • The keyboard has an absence of the “home” and “End” keys.
  • The absence of page up and page down buttons makes it uneasy.
  • A developer or a gamer can give this keyboard a pass.
  • Before getting your hands on this, you need to know that the keys are not backlit.
  • A little noisy while typing.

Comparison of Logitech K480 Vs K380:

  • Users often tend to compare devices before putting their hands on one. Compared to the K380, this model has 12 integrated media and shortcut hotkeys, while the K 380 has 13.
  • K380 is lighter and thus more convenient to carry than this model and weighs about 420 grammes, approximately half of K480.
  • With very little difference in their dimensions, the two models are pretty similar in some areas.
  • Some users do report that the K380 is less noisy; when one is clicking on the keys.
  • K380 does not have the integrated cradle, as the K480.
  • Also some users report K480 does not work with Apple tv, while some state it does work. Nevertheless, the company claims the K380 works with Apple Tv.

I would suggest, if you type a lot, buy the K380, otherwise, the integrated cradle as a stand for your tablet or mobile, is a great feature according to me, so get the K480 instead.

Overall, the keyboard is a sturdy one, within a budget-friendly range. You can use this keyboard for day-to-day activities. At the same time, gamers, developers can try to stay away from the keyboard for their convenience. We hope that this review was comprehensive enough for you to put your hands on what you like the best.

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