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Boat Aavante 1160 Bar Soundbar In India Review: The Best Sound Bar of 2023?

Whether you are feeling bored or hosting a party at home, music always keeps the vibe going. The soundbar becomes the savior that will make sure you just don’t enjoy music but feel it as well.

There are many options in the market to buy soundbars, making it extremely difficult to assess the right one.

This Boat Aavante 1160 Bar Soundbar Review will help you decide to spend your money wisely.

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About Boat Aavante 1160 Bar Soundbar

The BoAt AAVANTE Bar 1160 Bluetooth Soundbar is in black, giving a powerful 60W of total output.

It has a 2.0 channel sound system with Bluetooth wireless technology and 2.25” x 4 Dynamic Drivers.

The soundbar has multiple compatibility boards and Entertainment EQ modes like music, news, 3d, and movies preset.

It can connect through Bluetooth V4.2, AUX, and USB with your devices. So it supports wired as well as wireless connections.

My take on Boat Aavante Bar 1160 Soundbar:

 If you are a first-time buyer in 2023 or beyond, then this product might not cater to all your needs.

It is a little pricey only because it does not have an option to connect through HDMI to the tv, and at this range, the remote control display options could have been better.

A small display would have been better to make it easy for people to navigate.

  • Connectivity: Bluetooth works very well.
  • Songs and music can be played from the USB stick on the device.
  • The Bass is quite good.
  • Great balanced sound with Bass and treble.
  • Good sound for a 200 sq feet room, it is fantastic for watching Hd movies, and it truly feels like an authentic theatre experience.

Also Consider: F&D E200 Soundbar and iball Musi bar as budget options

BoAt AAVANTE BAR 1160 60W Bluetooth Soundbar Specifications:

  • The device provides a fine cinematic audio experience at home with a remote control system
  • The product’s dimensions are 90 x 7.8 x 7 cm, and it weighs about 2 Kilograms. 
  • The 2.0 channel sound system provides a balanced sound and deep Bass for movies, music, and even video games.
  • You will get six items as mounting hardware: User Manual, Accessories, an AAVANTE Bar 1160 soundbar, line in Cable, Warranty Card, and a Remote offering different modes such as NEWS, MOVIES, MUSIC for an authentic listening experience.

Connector Options

Wireless, Bluetooth, Aux, USB

Cool Feature

Remote control

Maximum Output Power-Speakers

60 W


2 kgs


  • You will get a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase, and it can be activated by just giving one missed call on the number mentioned on the box.
  • Its 2.0 Channel Sound gives you an immersive sound experience. The sound quality adds a kick to the quality of your audio and movies.
  • This soundbar has an eye-catching, ultra-sleek design and makes for a decorative piece in your home.
  • It has easy operational controls and a remote control device that helps you to control Playback options smoothly.
  • The connectivity is all-encompassing, both wired and non-wired. You can use Bluetooth V4.2, AUX, and USB.
  • With AAVANTE BAR 1160, you can experience the boat Signature sound with the 60W RMS premium audio that adds charm to the music.
  • You can play High Bass Music because high-quality amplifiers power the speakers, and it is suitable for all types of entertainment such as as- News and music.
  • The 2.25” x 4 Dynamic Drivers, with its rich and profound sound, Enhance the music quality to a powerful level.


  • The device connects to Bluetooth in an instant.
  • There is no compromise on the design. It is elegant and classy. The Boat soundbar has a sleek design.
  • You get the option of auto-sleep mode that makes it easy to use
  • There is a feature of Dual Aux Port.
  • You can adjust Bass and treble, such as highs, for your medium-sized room. The quality of Bass is satisfying. It creates a cinematic experience while watching UHD or 4k movies.
  • The sound is balanced. It does not convert into noise while on high volume.
  • Bass and treble can both be adjusted with a remote.


  • The remote does not work correctly. It sometimes takes time to respond.
  • It has an auto-switch feature that turns off the device after 15 minutes if you are not using it. Sometimes even when the soundbar is being used, and you pause the audio, it automatically switches off.
  • The connectivity with the phone might be problematic.
  • Wall mounting accessories are not provided in the box.
  • The price seems a bit too high.
  • It does not have HDMI or any other optical input to connect to a television.
  • It does not come with a subwoofer. For HDMI and subwoofer check out the Blaupunkt SBW100 Soundbar.

Pro Tip

If the tv doesn’t have a Bluetooth feature, try to connect with the aux cable through opening audio settings on Tv and changing the audio setting to an external speaker.


Should we connect the boat soundbar with power all the time, or does it operate on battery?

No, the device cannot operate on a battery. It only works through power.

Boat Aavante bar 1150 vs. 1160: What is the difference between the Boat AAVANTE 1150 and Boat AAVANTE 1160?

AAVANTE 1160 is the new version, and both of them have almost the same features.

I have JBL Woofer. Can I connect it with the soundbar?

Since two devices can’t be connected to one Bluetooth connection at once, you can connect the speaker through a wire.

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