Best Monitor Under 10000 Rs.(2023) [Top 10]

Looking for the best monitors under 10000 in India in 2023? I currently own 2 very good monitors, which I bought recently for under 10,000 Rs. Due to the many options in the market, I did a lot of research for around 5+ hours.

I will be outlining the results of my research, which I will be updating as new models are released. I am here to help you make a well-informed choice, one that will let you know what is best for you.

In this article, I will give My Top Recommendations to you to choose the Top Monitors under 10000 rupees in India in the current year.

  • Give you my Top Researched Recommendations,
  • How I picked the best monitor under Rs.10000,
  • Inform you about some points you need to consider before your purchase. (Buying Guide)

Quick Review of My Top Recommendations for The Best Monitor under 10000 Rs.

  1. LG 24MP59G (Best Overall) (Best Gaming Monitor under 10k)
  2. AOC 24B1XHS LED Monitor  (2nd Best)
  3. LG 22MP68VQ  (3rd Best)
  4. BenQ GW2480 (Best WFH Monitor & Best Monitor for Eyes)
  5. Samsung LF24F390FHWXXL (Best Curved monitor under 10000)

While choosing the perfect monitor for your daily usage, you must also consider individual model specifications to help you choose the best from the varied options.

Kindly Note: Pickagadget is supported by its readers. We may receive an affiliate commission if you buy through links on our site, without you incurring any additional charge. Also, the price may fluctuate depending on what is being offered on the given E-commerce site. Be assured we are completely fair in our reviews.

How Did I Research The Top Monitor?

  1. I looked at a few different e-commerce sites and checked for the best deals available.
  2. Then I tried to find the one monitor that offered a reasonable price and had an excellent reputation for quality.
  3. Also, I spent around 3-4 hours studying various reviews in the magazines and tech sites and looking at deals.
  4. I narrowed my list down to one monitor that looked like it would be a good choice for me and anyone else looking for a great monitor under Rs.10,000.

Top 10 Monitors Under 10000 Rs.

LG 24MP59G

(Best Gaming Monitor under 10000 Rs.)

LG 24MP59G

Hold your breath a while, for this monitor manufactured by LG is sure to give you everything you have been waiting for.


  • Resolution 1920×1080
  • Response Time: 1ms
  •  75 Hz Refresh Rate
  • Connectivity: 1 VGA, 1 HDMI, 1 AUDIO-OUT, 1 DISPLAY, 1 HEADPHONE port.


  • With a screen size of 24 inches, this product has a full high definition 1080p display.
  • This monitor also has a 1ms response time for motion blur reduction. This might be the very best monitor for gamers, giving them the accuracy they need to play at the professional level. With the specifications offered, blurring and ghosting are reduced to a minimum.
  • With the inclusion of the AMD free sync, the tearing, and stuttering that would have occurred get reduced. You can experience the seamless, fluid movement of objects and figurines throughout the games with the help of free sync.
  • The dynamic action sync helps Gamers in a fast-paced gaming experience, which gets optimised. This feature helps in minimising the input lag so that the games are more responsive.
  • The black stabiliser gives you visibility even in dark areas, so you can take that kill on Call of Duty without having to worry about enemies hiding.
  • The ‘game mode’ helps you customise your settings, and you get to choose whatever you feel are the best settings.
  • The monitor comes with a V-line stand enhanced with red colour accents on the borders.


  • The colour accuracy and contrast are not as good compared to any other monitor of the same make.
  • You will be unable to adjust the monitor, hence no tilting or twisting.
  • Vesa support is not provided, and hence you cannot mount it on the wall. Height adjustment is not available as well.
  • A background bleed on the bottom left side of the panel has been experienced.
  • The monitor does not have any external speaker.

AOC 24B1XHS (2nd Best) (Best IPS monitor under 10000)

AOC 24B1XHS LED Monitor

This wall-mountable monitor from AOC comes with a 23.8 inch IPS panel.


  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Response Time: 7ms
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • Connectivity: one VGA, one HDMI connectivity port
  • Monitor Screen Size- 24 inches


  • The monitor looks exceptionally sleek and practical, allowing a seamless multi-monitor setup. The credit also goes to the wide viewing angle.
  • The monitor’s brightness lets you operate the machine, even in a brightly lit room beside a window that catches the sun as well.
  • The manufacturers wanted the product to suffice the user from every angle when designing or viewing photos or videos. So the product comes with an advanced IPS panel, which helps in the better reproduction of colours. In this way, an accurate representation of reality is experienced and you get a comfortable viewing experience.
  • The built-in headphone Jack is one of the best parts of the monitor. The headphone Jack is located right behind the monitor. It is a feature-rich monitor.


  • The product does not support AMD freesync and hence is not recommended for gamers with AMD video cards. Not a very good gaming monitor, in my opinion.
  • The monitor does not have inbuilt speakers.
  • Constant flickering of the screen has been witnessed, and it becomes pretty annoying when the background is dark.
  • Slightly overpriced for the features offered.
  • We cannot rotate the screen.

LG 22MP68VQ (3rd Best)


This product from LG comes with a 22-inch screen in full HD resolution. It is incredibly affordable, providing you with value for your money.


  • Resolution: 1080p Full HD
  • Connectivity: One VGA, HDMI, DVI, 1 AUDIO-OUT Port, HEADPHONE port, each.
  • 60Hz Refresh Rate: 
  • Response Time: 5ms


  • The product comes with a full HD display. One can expect the colour reproduction to give an enjoyable viewing experience, whatever the viewing angle might be.
  • This model comes with AMD-free sync that helps you witness the fluid movement of the objects throughout your gaming session in high resolution.
  • The black stabiliser provides users with the chance for complete visibility in deep and dark scenes.
  • The four-screen split allows you to display and resize four windows at once.
  • Having the three-sides borderless, Provides the user with immersive, precise visuals and offers a lifelike visual experience.
  • The wall mount keeps the monitor out of reach of children, avoiding any disruptions or damage.


  • Colours tend to fade when viewed from an angle.
  • The color black is not entirely black.
  • The factory setup shall cause strain to the eyes, for it is incredibly vibrant and bright. You shall have to adjust the display brightness manually, according to your needs. I do not recommend the factory setup for close viewing.
  • There are no built-in speakers, and you have to attach one externally.
  • The stand of the monitor isn’t sturdy enough.

BenQ GW2480

(Best WFH Monitor & Best Monitor for Eyes)

BenQ GW2480

The BenQ GW2480 is an excellent model with a 24-inch screen in black colour that will suit your daily needs.


  • Screen Resolution 1080p
  • Connectivity: 1 VGA Port, 1 Display Port, 1 Audio-in Port, I headphone Port, 2 Speakers
  • Refresh Rate: 60 Hz
  • 5ms response time
  • Screen size- 24 inches


  • The Benq GW2480 has a minimalistic slim design that will be suitable for your home, office, and movie-watching experience. The 1080p HD IPS display resolution make the monitor best for viewing web pages, documents, and colourful content.
  • The cable management system is expertly designed for the wires. They are neatly hidden inside the monitor stand and provide for a neat and clean look.
  • As far as the texture is concerned, the premium texture etching resists marks and gives the monitor a luxurious touch.
  • The monitor comes with an ultra-slim bezel design that perfectly complements any modern home decor.
  • The company’s eye care technology for this monitor is heavenly. The brightness intelligence technology avoids overexposure of bright scenes and enhances the dark backgrounds to offer clear visibility. This feature also adjusts the screen brightness accordingly.
  • The flicker-free and low blue light technology are used to shelter the eyes from harmful blue light, which reduces fatigue and irritation. Flicker-free technology also helps in the prevention of harmful flicker to prevent vision damage.


  • The inbuilt speakers aren’t of much use and do not help reproduce the sound very accurately.
  • Again, in this monitor as well, the monitors suffer from backlight glow. In a dark environment, this is supposed to cause eye strain.
  • The buttons on the monitor are not touch-enabled and have to be physically pressed, which might inconvenience some.

You can check the updated Model BenQ GW2480T Monitor Review here.

HP22 FW ( India)


We bring to you a 21.5 inch IPS monitor from HP that should provide you with your money’s worth.


  • Resolution FHD 1080p
  • Refresh rate: 75Hz
  • Response time: five millisecond
  • Connectivity VGA and HDMI ports


  • With complete high definition, one gets to view brilliant visuals and very crisp images.
  • The technical certification shows the users that the monitors they are buying will reproduce colours most accurately. One might not distinguish between the real and the reel.
  • The monitor is designed artistically and comes with a compact and sleek design.
  • The edge-to-edge glass panel is expansive to give you a large screen area.
  • The anti-glare display can help you enjoy the sun and your favourite sitcom simultaneously. It being non-reflective assures the user that they’ll get less glare when they’re outside in the sunshine.
  • The low blue light technology mode shifts colours slowly to a warmer spectrum throughout the day. This makes the colour white more natural, which does not strain one’s eyes.
  • The AMD-free sync shall make your gaming blur-free and lag-free. It is one of the best gaming monitors.


  • The monitor cannot be wall-mounted.
  • Light bleeding with black backgrounds has been witnessed.
  • The picture quality could have been better.
  • Suitable for working but not for movies or gaming with dark backgrounds. It is not a good gaming monitor.

Samsung LC24F390FHWXXL

(Best Curved monitor under 10000)

Samsung LC24F390FHWXXL

Samsung co. has never disappointed its users with its products and is back with another one, a monitor having a 23.5-inch screen size.


  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hertz
  • Response time: 4 millisecond
  • Connectivity: 1 VGA, HDMI, headphone port, each


  • The best feature that this Samsung monitor offers is the curved screen. The 1800R curvature provides a panoramic view of the games or movies you play or watch with stunning and vivid images.
  • When the world is running behind minimalism, Samsung provides its users with a less than 0.5-inch thick monitor.
  • Loaded with AMD-free sync, the image tearing, and stutter during gaming have been reduced significantly. Gamers shall have a good time, as the fast response time prevents ghosting. It is pretty good as a gaming monitor.
  • The I saver mode reduces the emission of blue light and flickering. Therefore, one can have a fulfilling time in front of a computer without worrying about the eyes.
  • Producing an excellent picture clarity, with Samsung’s active crystal colour technology, deep blacks, and bright whites can be spotted clearly.
  • An environmentalist might want to get hands-on with the power-saving feature that automatically reduces brightness, saving energy.


  • The curved monitor is quite comfortable with computer gaming and movies, but reading a document with a font size of 18 makes the screen struggle terribly.
  • Pathetic colour bleed has been experienced.
  • I saver mode does not let you adjust the brightness, which might cause a hindrance to a few people.
  • The stand seems quite feeble on this Samsung India monitor.

Lenovo L 22E-20

Lenovo L 22E-20

Lenovo brings to its users a 21.5 inch, near edgeless display monitor in striking black colour in India.


  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • 4ms response time
  • Connectivity Options: One HDMI and one audio out port, and one VGA port.


  • The Lenovo monitor comes with a thin bezel of 2mm and a Full HD display with 178 degrees viewing angle. The product offers sharp images that do not let its users miss out on any detail.
  • The monitor has received TUV low blue light certification. Reflections are not distracting, and the image quality gets maintained from different viewing angles as well.
  • The product has AMD free sync technology that ensures computer gamers’ uncompromised gaming experience and smooth gameplay by preventing frame or screen tearing. So it is a good monitor for gaming.


  • HDMI cable is not provided and is to be bought separately.
  • The menu buttons are not lit up with an led and cannot be seen in low light.
  • No enclosure to hide the cables.
  • We cannot adjust the height of this Lenovo monitor.

Asus VP 228H

Asus VP 228H

Asus’s monitor features a 21.5-inch screen, and it’s quite beautiful as a gaming monitor.


  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Refresh rate: 60 Hz
  • Response time: 1ms
  • Connectivity: HDMI, d sub ports, DVI-d
  • Aspect ratio: 16:9


  • With Asus’ exclusive splendid plus and vivid pixel technologies, one is ensured to get the most pleasing image. The colour quality is next to unmatchable.
  • The contrast ratio enhances the display quality. We have to adjust the backlight’s luminance to achieve the darkest black and white that is brightest. One should feel images that are close to reality with this product.
  • The response time of 1ms makes this product entirely different from others. The prevention of ghosting and screen tearing lets the gamer receive a fluid video playback and a smooth gaming experience.
  • The image outlines and reduces noise bars, and the monitor gives a detail-oriented viewing experience. Asus has offered vivid pixel technology that helps achieve crisp images.
  • The game plus hotkey gives the gamer a choice among four different crosshead types to use in first-person shooter games. The tool helps in the regulation of practice and improvement of gaming skills.
  • You will receive a product that comes with the Rhineland certified flicker-free technology.


  • They do not provide HDMI cable with the package in India, and you have to buy it separately.
  • An improvement in the audio’s quality seems necessary for the betterment of the product.
  • It’s not recommended for professional-level photo editing.




  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Response Time: 14ms
  • Refresh Rate: 60Hz
  • Connectivity: VGA and HDMI port


  • We can tilt the monitor to one’s personal preference. We can tilt the monitor to 5 degrees forward or 20 degrees backward tilt.
  • The IPS display technology guarantees you the accuracy and consistency of the images on your screen. At the same time, the ultra-wide 170-degree viewing angles help you have a panoramic view of vivid colours.
  • The ultra-slim screen size clearly gives you enough space to renovate the desk; however, you like. Again, the micro-edge HD display stretches from end to end for a view that is Bigger and Better.
  • The low blue light mode enables your eyes to stay strain-free when it shifts hues to a warmer spectrum from the bright blue light.


  • The product is not wall mountable and has to be kept on the desk. This puts the product at a disadvantage because little kids might damage it.
  • There is no provision for inbuilt speakers, and similarly, there is no provision for USB ports.
  • The product does not give the user a value for money, for there are better options available at this price range
  • There is no provision for adjusting the height of the monitor.

Dell P2219H (Best Dell Monitor under 10000)

Dell P2219H
  • From Dell, in a striking black colour in India, we have a 22-inches affordable monitor.
  • Specifications:
  • Resolution: 1920×1080
  • Wattage: 17 Watts
  • Connectivity: 2 USB ports, 1 HDMI port, and 1 VGA port


  • With its origin in India, you can rest assured that you are buying an Indian product. You can also rest assured of the excellent quality and stunning performance.
  • The product is suited to provide comfortable viewing to you. It, therefore, has the provision of pivot, tilt, swivel, and height adjustment. These adjustments will ensure you a comfortable day at work.
  • The full Hd monitor is Vesa mountable, and therefore you do not have to fear little kids damaging it.
  • The monitor presents the user with a wide viewing angle facilitated by the IPS technology. You shall get to enjoy vivid colours from any angle.
  • The Easy arrange feature shall give you the efficiency you have wanted for a long time.


  • The HDMI cable that has been provided is not a regular one, and the absence of a VGA cable makes it an inconvenience for many.

You can also check another model Dell P2419H Review here.

Acer SA240Y HD Monitor

Acer brings to its users a 23.8- inch monitor that shall make itself useful to suit your everyday needs.

Acer SA240Y


  • Hd Resolution: 1920×1080
  • 4ms Response time 
  • 75Hz refresh rate
  • Connectivity: 1 VGA, 1 HDMI port


  • The monitor comprises 2W×2 integrated stereo speakers. The slimline speakers perform a fantastic job.
  • The Acer Comfy view technology reduces the amount of light being reflected on the Full HD display.
  • The flicker-less technology by Acer tries to eliminate the screen’s flickering by providing a stable enough power supply to the display.
  • The monitor offers a splendid view from any angle you can think of.
  • The VisionCare technology ensures that the user does not have difficulty adjusting to the light emitted from the display screen.
  • The monitor’s stand has a base of concentric circles, which gives it a trendy look.
  • The frameless slim design lets the user enjoy every bit of the screen size.


  • The Hd monitor does not have a 3.5mm headphone jack feature.
  • The product does not have a swivel stand.
  • The refresh rate is fixed.
  • There’s no availability of AMD freesync or Nvidia Gsync.
  • The settings button is available behind the monitor, which causes inconvenience.

Quick Monitor Buying Guide!

1. Size:

The size needs to be big enough for you to work well on it without squinting or straining your eyes.

A larger screen size would mean it may be more expensive but it may also produce better quality images because of higher resolution, depending on the type of screen and graphics card you have on your PC

2. Purpose

For starters, you need to find out the task that your monitor will carry out.

For example, if you are into professional and hardcore gaming, you will need a monitor with the least response rate.

On the other hand, the response time won’t matter much if you use it to read documents, do video editing, or surf the internet.

3. Resolution: 

The resolution should match the type of monitor, so a 4K TV will have higher resolutions than a LED monitor screen with lower pixel density (resolution).

To find the best monitors under 10,000 rupees in India? You should know the resolution of your PC or laptop as well.

4. Screen type: 

We have LED, LCD screens, and some others that are cheaper but have low pixel density, making them unsuitable for professional work

5. Response time:

Response time is the amount of time it takes for a pixel to go from an inactive state to an active state and back.

The Response times are measured in milliseconds (ms).

The lower the Response Time, the quicker a pixel can change colors.

6. Refresh rate of computer monitor: 

Refresh rates are a measure of how often a display device updates the state of its picture.

In a computer monitor, refresh rates are measured in hertz.

A high refresh rate will show the screen (and the object being displayed on it) smoother to a user, but at the same time will require more power from the CPU.

7. Connections:

 Some monitors can allow you to connect your smartphone or PC to them, like a TV. that way, you can view anything in HD and even play games!

Some have HDMI, VGA some don’t so look into the connection options.

8. Multimedia connectivity:

The ability to connect headphones or external speakers without having to purchase additional equipment is an excellent option that some monitors have.

9. Other

What kind of warranty does the company give?

Weight of the product.

Matte or Glossy coating on screen?


Final Verdict

In conclusion, I hope you can identify the monitor that shall be suitable for you and your needs.

I hope I could guide you to get the best monitor under 10000 rs. in India in 2023 and please visit my site if you’ve got any other electronic dilemmas- I shall try my best to solve them and give you the results you want.

Thank you!

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