Dell P2419H Monitor Review: Worth Buying A Full HD Monitor?

At this very moment, wherever we look, we find screens. The entire world is dependent on a screen to function smoothly. To keep up with the pace, we must have a knowledge of the monitor, where we shall have to spend a part of our lifetime.

To help you buy the right monitor, I bring you my readers The Dell P2419H Monitor Review. A monitor that looks beautiful to its core; it is an ultra-slim monitor that offers ergonomic support while having rich connectivity that aids the user in numerous ways.


With the features that this monitor has to offer, I hope to provide you with an explanation of the product, in the best way possible.

My Take on the Dell P2419H Monitor

Colours look natural, with deeper blacks, and don’t look very bright or vivid, so they may feel a little washed-out, making it suitable only for coding, reading, watching movies, and browsing. You will need to calibrate it to get the best colours.

You might witness blurring if you scroll quickly through web pages.

Peak brightness is not acceptable in a brightly lit room.

I might not recommend this for gaming. This is not a gaming monitor, so don’t wish for Gsync and high refresh rates. Also, gaming at 60 fps seems impossible with this particular product.

The monitor is suitable for business purposes, students and not aimed at gamers and professional photographers or photo editors.

For gaming, I will recommend you go for the LG Ultragear.

Slight Screen bleed, which is a relative problem in all IPs panel monitors, has been witnessed, but it’s certainly not a concern.

No headphone 3.5mm jack is given.

I also love the height adjustment stand on this monitor. You can also make the screen tilt.

The monitor can be rotated vertically for scrolling through large documents in Portrait mode. I would say this is the only feature that better than the Benq GW2480T.

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Dell P2419H  Specifications


VGA,  HDMI, DisplayPort

Aspect Ratio


Response Time

8 ms (normal), 5 ms (fast mode)

Display Resolution

full HD (1920 x 1080)


3.26 Kg

Dell P2419H Monitor Features

  • The Dell P2419H Monitor comes with a 24-inch screen, having a resolution of 1920×1080, with full HD (1080p) and an IPS panel. This IPS display has a peak brightness of 250-nits.
  • The monitor comes with HDMI, VGA, and Display ports.
  • The dell monitor has an aspect ratio of 16:9, and a contrast ratio of 1000:1, a wide viewing angle facilitated by In-plane Switching (IPS) technology and supports 8-bit colour depth. The panel used by this monitor is better than its previous iteration – Dell P2417H.
  • The Dell P2419H Monitor Review has a response time of 8ms during the normal preset mode. In comparison, it switches to 5ms, if fast mode is switched on, thereby reducing ghosting and motion blur.
  • The monitor weighs 3.26kgs, measures at 14.02 inches in height, and has a width of 6.54 inches. The monitor consumes 18 watts of power.

Included in the Box

The Dell monitor, 1-stand, 1-power cord, 1- display port cable.


  • This Dell P2419H monitor can adjust its height, swivel, and tilt, making it extremely comfortable for users who have trouble sitting steadily for an extended period, and can cater to a wide range of consumers. 
  • The image quality is quite good and crisp. The monitor gives deep blacks, good brightness.
  • The Dell P2419H monitor can rotate about its vertical axis into a portrait orientation, making it very easy to read long webpages, coding, programming without scrolling. The only caveat is you also have to adjust the toolbar and the user interface from your operating system.
  • The monitor has a thin bezel around the display.
  • The anti-glare, matte display and non-reflective screen help protect the eyes.
  • The 4 USB ports are efficient enough to do away with your need for a USB hub. There are 2 USB (3.0) ports on the sides as well as 2 USB (2.0) at the back.
  • The product is Vesa mount compatible.
  • The Dell P2419H comes with a three (3) years Dell Advanced Exchange warranty.
  • It has a USB hub for better cable management.


  • With a fragile build, the plastic used behind the screen is not up to the mark.
  • With no inbuilt speakers, external speakers are necessary. 
  • Considering certain features that the product lacks, the price being asked is on the higher side, taking into account the image quality and performance as well.
  • No webcam, no headphone jack also, but it is not a huge concern according to me.
  • HDMI cable does not come along with this product, and you need to buy one separately.
  • Expensive according to me.
    You can take a look at the cheaper best monitors under 5000 rupees in India.

Pro Tip

  • Gamers should set the ‘Response Time’ to ‘fast preset mode’ to increase the response time speed, which prevents ghosting and trailing of fast-moving objects. On the other hand, the limitation of the monitor to 60 Hz shall not be of much use to the gamers.
  • The On-Screen Display (OSD) consists of adjustable settings such as brightness/contrast, colour setting that includes hue/saturation and also, input source selection. Sadly, gamma presets are not available. You shall use the monitor’s hotkey to swap among several presets.
  • You shall fix the cables, behind the Dell P2419H Monitor Review, before setting it up because the posterior side is not easily accessible after set-up.


Can the Dell P2419H work with the MacBook Thunderbolt configuration?

Yes, the P2419H does work. It would be best if one used the Thunderbolt to HDMI connector cable though.

Does the Dell P2419H have HDR functionality?

No, the Dell P2419H does not have HDR functionality. The Dell 24 Ultra-thin Monitor (S2419HM) supports HDR.

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