Dell KB216 Wired Multimedia USB Keyboard Review

Today I will be writing the Dell KB216 Wired keyboard review. The Dell KB216 is a wired multimedia USB keyboard that should solve your everyday purpose efficiently.

All the keyboards you’ve ever tried are either too light and can’t take a lot of work, or they’re solid but heavy. It’s not easy to find a multimedia keyboard that is both comfortable and good for the hands.

Typing is a huge part of our jobs, and if you want to do your best work, you need the right tools. You need a great keyboard that is well-made and comfortable to use for those long workdays.

If you are in a hurry here is a quick snapshot of the Dell KB216

Dell KB216 Wired

My Rating – 4.2/5

Dell KB216 Wired Keyboard

  • Chiclet keyboard
  • Full-size USB keyboard
  • Incline possible
  • Many Multimedia keys
  • Very less noise.
  • No Backlight
  • Not suitable for gaming
  • Slightly expensive

Specifications Of The Dell KB216 Keyboard

Warranty1 Year full replacement warranty 

Features Of Dell KB216 Keyboard

  • Some multimedia keys let you access different functions such as pause, play, rewind, et cetera, with a button click.
  • You’re going to love that the Dell KB216 is the perfect size and height for use on a desk or in your lap, thanks to its long 1.5m cable.
  • When typing at the office or home, we’re always balancing comfort with speed – this Dell Wired keyboard will help you find the balance. It comes with a full key layout design that easily fits your hand and comfortable chiclet keys for easy typing.
  • One can also buy a palm rest from Dell to use with this keyboard.
  • The Dell KB216 is made with durable materials that can withstand most impacts.
  • The key issue with this is a wide keyboard and that it is too wide for a laptop or pc, which forces the mouse to be kept farther out on the right side. This can strain your neck and shoulders during long work sessions and isn’t as comfortable as other options that just take up one side of space.


  • The Dell KB216 has two stands underneath, which helps you incline it to a certain degree for your own comfort and preference.
  • The keyboard is built with excellent quality materials, and there shall be no question about the superior quality of the Dell KB216.
  • The cable that comes with the keyboard is quite long, with a length of about 1.5 metres.
  • The keyboard also provides indicator lights for caps lock, scroll, and NUM lock. These lights are pretty bright.
  • To everyone worried about the cleanliness of the keyboard, you can stay assured that dust won’t be collecting on your keyboard as there are no spaces between the keys.
  • The touch sensors on the buttons are very soft and sensitive. The KB 216 contains buttons that are easy to press.
  • Multimedia keys include shortcuts to increase or decrease the volume, change audio or video tracks, etc..
  • It is a full-size USB chiclet design keyboard.
  • It is not a loud keyboard, you can see it is actually noiseless.


  • The lack of the availability of a palm rest can be a negative point. One has to buy it separately, even at this price range.
  • The Dell KB 216 does not support Bluetooth, and hence one cannot expect wireless connectivity.
  • The keys on this device are a bit soft and take some getting used to.
  • If you’re the type of person who prefers a hard keyboard, you may need time to adjust. This doesn’t make it unworthy, though. But please remember at the start, you may accidentally type the same letter twice or more times.
  • It is slightly on the pricier side, but a good keyboard is expensive if one wants quality.
  • If you have small hands or if your computer is on your desk, this keyboard might not be a good fit.
  • Usually, one has to buy an anti-ghost keyboard in order to game with more than two keys, the KB216 does not support 3 keys simultaneous input.

Gaming on the Dell KB216

 If you’re used to playing RPG games and need a gaming keyboard that allows you to use three keys together, this is not the right fit. Let me illustrate. If you use w+the shift key for sprinting and want to jump using the spacebar, you cannot do that on this device. Even while playing FIFA or any other sports game on the desktop or laptop , you will come across this problem.

Comparing Dell KB216 Vs Logitech K120

  1. Compared to the logitech K120, this product has a 1year warranty, while logic provides a guarantee for three years.
  2. The Dell product has been manufactured in India, while the Logitech one has been manufactured in China.
  3. The two keyboards serve the same purpose, but the weight of the Logitech K120 is higher than the Dell product.

I would suggest to go with Logitech K120, if you want to do gaming on your desktop.


A decent keyboard for regular use at home or for office work.

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