Lenovo 300 Wireless Mouse Review (GX30K79401)

Do you want an affordable mouse that is super responsive, runs smoothly, and is very affordable? Look no further than this Lenovo 300 Mouse review.

The Lenovo 300 (GX30K79401) wireless Mouse

This Lenovo laser wireless mouse is ideal for people who frequently travel for work, need to give presentations, and want a portable mouse to carry around.

With its compact and small design, the Lenovo 300 Mouse Review easily fits anywhere – even in your pocket!

Its product dimensions are 5.6 x 9.8 x 3.2 cm, and it weighs a light 60 grams. It has a device resolution of 1000dpi. It is very comfortable to use for both left-handed or right-handed persons.

Lenovo also gives a one and a half year warranty when you buy this mouse. You can connect this mouse to laptops/computers via a USB or even wirelessly. The wireless reception range goes up to 10 meters. There is no issue with connectivity as it has a good reception range.

Lenovo 300 mouse review

Lenovo 300 Mouse is battery-powered and has a long-lasting battery life of at least 12 months. So now, no worries about changing batteries every time. 1AA battery is required to power this mouse.

This elegant-looking mouse also has a contrasting coloured scroll wheel. The mouse is quite the right mix in terms of performance and build quality.

My Take On Lenovo 300 (GX30K79401) wireless Mouse

Lenovo’s 300 Mouse is ideal for people who want to get a mouse for the office and any household needs. However, this mouse is not perfect for designers, editors, or gamers. I have used many other mouse-like HP, Dell, Targus, Logitech, and all are similar in service and longevity.

The only main difference is that this is a very affordable mouse as it’s available for a very low price. Its performance is also not excellent but good or satisfactory as per the price.

 This is a product that can be useful for typical day-to-day usage. The mouse is wireless and the battery will last you for a long time.

If you need a mouse for your everyday use – Lenovo’s 300 Mouse is the one you would want to go for as it is very affordable and works very smoothly.

I would recommend Dell MS116 if you want a wireless mouse, though, if you are looking for a bigger mouse.

For a wired one, you can go for its brother Lenovo 300 Wired USB Mouse, GX30M39704.

During my testing, the mouse didn’t work well in the beginning. The cursor was going wherever it liked. I then replaced my mousepad with a small handkerchief to run the mouse smoothly, and it worked.

 Surprisingly it took me around one and a half to two hours to install the mouse’s drivers. I don’t have any idea why it took me so long to install the drivers, but the mouse worked great after that.


Things I did Not Like/Cons

  • The mouse is not ideal for people who are heavily into gaming.
  • It’s not very comfortable to hold in our palms as it is not really designed for comfort. It is not ergonomic in design and is relatively small. Not for people with big hands.
  • It is sometimes reported that while clicking the left mouse button, the right mouse button also gets clicked. This is a prevalent error experienced with the budget mouse.
  • The mouse is not silent. Clicking the mouse buttons generates some noise. For a silent mouse try the Logtech M331.

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Also Consider…

Lenovo 300 Wired USB Mouse, GX30M39704

  • The mouse also has another cheaper variant.
  • It can be used for gaming, editing for long hours.
  • Lenovo gives a three-year warranty on this mouse.
  • The mouse has a 1600 dpi optical sensor for smooth movement of the cursor.
  • The main difference is that it is not wireless but a wired mouse.

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