Best 2.1 Speakers Under 5000 Rs in India (2023)

In this article, I will review the Top 15 best 2.1 speakers under 5000 Rs. in India.

As one starts to look to buy their speaker system, the first thing that one wants to do is decide whether or not they want a 2.1 speaker system.

These are the speakers that come with two large external speakers and a single subwoofer, for a powerful surround sound effect.

In the 2.1 speakers, two means the two satellite speakers while one subwoofer helps emit a lower frequency between 20 to 200 Hz.

If this sounds like what you’re looking for, then we’ll take a look at the best choices out there for under Rs. 5000. You can also refer to the buying guide here.

If you are in a hurry these are My Top 3 Recommendations for the best 2.1 speaker systems in India under Rs.5000-

  1. F&D F203G 11W 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System Best 2.1 speakers under 2000 Rs.
  2. Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia SpeakersBest 2.1 speakers under 4000 Rs.
  3. F&D A110 35W 2.1 Multimedia Speaker SystemBest 2.1 speakers under 2500 Rs.

Users of Android and iOS can also get connected with the 2.1 speakers easily, along with Pc and laptop owners.

They all can take advantage of the FM tuner, SD card slot, AUX, Universal Serial Bus support, Bluetooth connectivity, to provide the highest standard of sound expected by them.

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How did I choose the Top 2.1 speakers under 5000 Rs.?

I looked at the most popular speakers on amazon about a month ago. I also browsed through other ecom sites.

What I found was that these speakers had over 500 reviews, each with four or more stars. I compared these products on sound, price, build quality, connectivity.

Additionally, these speakers are from well-known brands in the audio industry like F&D, Philips, and more. So it’s not just me talking about these selections.

There is an across-the-board consensus that these are some of the best 2.1 speakers under ₹5000 currently available in India, and I stand by my recommendations.

Best 2.1 Speakers Under 5000 in India in 2023

1. F&D F203G 11W 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System (Best Overall Speaker)

F&D F203G

F&D (F-203G) is the best-in-class 2.1 speaker and is recommended for its compact size.

This product takes up very little space. Users can also place one of the satellite speakers on top of the subwoofer and save on space if required.

Key Features

There is an LED light indicator that turns on when users switch on the speaker.

The F-203G is a hassle-free product to stream songs and watch movies while also enjoying the 10W sound produced by this tiny speaker.

Many people throughout the world buy and use this travel-friendly 2.1 speaker for its compact design and lightweight nature.

Subwoofer25 Watts
Weight2.1 kg
Speaker ConnectivityAUX cable, RCA

2. Philips IN-MMS6080B/94 2.1 Channel Multimedia Speakers (2nd Best)

Philips IN-MMS6080B-94

Philips (MMS6080B) is a great sound system and increases the user’s excitement while playing a game or watching a movie.

This 2.1 speaker recreates the theatre-like experience right at home.

Key Features

If you wish to select and buy the right sound system in India, then you can read an unbiased review of this product in detail.

You will make a well-informed decision and will be happy to enhance your listening experience.

Individuals who buy this will get two satellite/stereo speakers and one subwoofer.

There is an AUX cable in this package, and it is used to connect the multimedia system to the mobile phone, TV, tablet, and PC.

The sound output of this 2.1 speaker is around 60W. Users can insert the USB right on the subwoofer’s top when their playlist is on the USB drive.

They can also conveniently tune in to some FM radio if they desire. The speaker is straightforward to use, and this convenience gives this 2.1 speaker an edge over its competitors.

Subwoofer26 Watts
Weight6 kgs 580 grams
Speaker ConnectivityAux, USB

3. F&D A110 35W 2.1 Multimedia Speaker System (3rd Best below 5000)

F&D A110

F&D (A110) is also a good option for someone who has decided to add an excellent sound system to their desktop computer without needing to invest in anything bulky.

You can place this 2.1 speaker on the shelf or a table without needing to compromise on space.

Key Features

You will get 100% satisfaction from this extra-powerful audio sound system with the 35W sound output.

There are many reasons you should prefer and invest in this. However, the main reasons are the affordable price range, compact build, and robust sound quality.

All users can control the overall volume from the knobs given at the side and connect the subwoofer through the AUX or RCA cable as per their needs.

This A110 speaker is a good option for any desktop computer because of its on-point functionality and affordable price.

Subwoofer11 Watts
Weight2.7 kgs
Speaker ConnectivityAUX, RCA cables

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4. Creative (E2400 With Satellite Speakers) (4rth Best)

Creative (E2400)

Creative (E2400) produces a sound output of 25W. In my research, I found that satisfied users recommend this affordable 2.1 speaker.

The subwoofer of this excellent sound system is quite heavy and bulky. Individuals with less space must think twice before buying this bulky yet powerful 2.1 speaker.

This speaker will fit comfortably inside the TV unit instead of the laptop or PC table, where you might have to place it on the floor.

The two satellite speakers in this sound system are compact and designed to fit on the TV side.

This is an excellent audio partner for any 32-inch or 40-inch TV when the TV has a sound output of around 10W to 12W.

You may think about how to plug the laptop or smartphone into this 2.1 speaker for a game night or some groovy music via USB.

You can make use of the AUX cable and get the desired benefits. It is advisable to plug in a USB drive loaded with the playlist and tune in to the FM radio.

5. Mitashi (HT 5060) With Remote Control

Mitashi (HT 5060)

Mitashi (HT 5060) has the best stuff to produce the sound output of 35W. Everyone who looks at this funky and cool-looking sound system gets an interest to invest in and use it.

This 2.1 speaker pairs well with any multimedia device via Bluetooth connectivity or a cable.

A straightforward way is to plug in any SD card or a USB drive for streaming an old playlist, making its users happier than ever.

The modern and stylish design of the HT 5060 does not fail to complement any large-screen television and any desktop computer.

This sound system’s subwoofer is available with a LED screen and tactile buttons for settings.

Also, they come along with mechanical knobs for complete volume control.

One can easily stream the YouTube video on one’s mobile phone while listening to sound emanating from the multimedia Bluetooth speaker.

You will be happy when you use this while playing games on your personal computer.

Many users of these BlueTooth speakers tune in to any radio station and enhance their morning routine.

They take advantage of the remote control facility to switch between the many function modes.

We can also use the remote for basic level controls like the treble, bass, channel configuration, and volume.

6. Ibell (R260)

Ibell (R260)

Ibell (R260) ’s sound output is 42W, and the principal reasons for the popularity of this speaker are its overall audio quality and affordable price.

This product’s overall quality is excellent, mainly because of its durability, sound output, beautiful design, and full features.

Anyone interested in buying a good quality home theatre system should purchase this for their computer or TV. This 2.1 speaker is available with an 18-month warranty.

This functional and classy design makes it a highly recommended product. The subwoofer of this product comes with an LED display and the necessary control settings.

The company also provides a remote with the R260.

You can use this remote to control how much and what you want to hear. The company has also given some dedicated buttons in this product for bass and treble control.

The in-built FM receiver lets you tune in to any radio station without delay and works well. This sturdy and durable 2.1 sound system is available at a competitive price.

7. Koryo (KHT4212FB)

Koryo (KHT4212FB)

Koryo (KHT4212FB) gets effortlessly paired with primary media devices like a TV, PC, Smartphones, and gaming consoles.

Users of this 2.1 Bluetooth speaker can also connect it with their TV or PC with the RCA cable.

They can position the two satellite speakers by placing one on the left and another on the right.

You will need to experiment with the angle to get the desired sound quality experience from your sitting spot. The Koryo perfectly blends into your home décor.

WE can place the subwoofer of this 2.1 speaker anywhere near the two speakers. The position of the subwoofer in this sound system is not critical to the audio experience.

You can use this 2.1 speaker and switch it on with the remote control while watching a movie. Switching between various modes like Bluetooth and USB is very easy.

I will also advise you to change the bass settings on the remote to get some loud, strong bass on the remote together with the treble settings.

This gives a sound output of 42W, which is similar to many of its competitors.

8. F&D (A180X)

F&D (A180X)

The sound output of the F&D (A180X) is 42W. The F&D supports wired and wireless connections like USB, RCA, AUX, and Bluetooth.

If you like to pick and order a stylish and budget-friendly speaker, you can choose and purchase it.

You can connect this speaker with your media devices using the wireless and wired options at your convenience.

You can note the source of sound in the digital display of this sound system.

An easy way to switch between the Bluetooth, FM, USB, and SD card reader through a wireless remote control is one of the essential benefits. Also, there is no control panel on this speaker’s subwoofer.

Users of this can get the entire functions like tuning and bass control on the remote. The lightweight of this BlueTooth speaker enables its users to move it around the house conveniently.

Users of this 2.1 speaker are advised to ensure that the speaker is angled for the best sound quality.

9. Creative (SBS E2800)

Creative (SBS E2800)

Creative (SBS E2800) is known for its distinctive diamond-cut premium design. Everyone who needs to buy a brand-new 2.1 speaker can surely prefer and purchase this product.

This sound system has a display screen inside the diamond border of the subwoofer.

The subwoofer in this product produces bass from below its surface. The subwoofer’s feet give it enough breathing space and deliver the best and rich bass effect.

The Satellite or side speakers in this product complement the subwoofer’s design.

You cannot wall mount this 2.1 speaker.

There are several connectivity options in this 2.1 speaker. This can connect to various devices like the PC, laptop, TV, tablet, mobile phone, mp3, and DVD player.

Also, there is no Bluetooth connectivity in this 2.1 speaker. This product creates 50w audio, which is very clear and loud.

This makes the gaming and the movie-watching experience quite immersive.

10. iBall Tarang Classic

iBall Tarang

The 2.1 speaker IBall Tarang Classic is a well-known brand and an outstanding system in the market. This subwoofer is lightweight and sturdy.

The two satellite speakers in this product reflect the overall quality of sound.

This product has all essential connectivity options, like wireless connections, Bluetooth, and multiple ports for wired connectivity.

Users of the Iball Tarang can connect an SD card reader, a pen drive, or tune into any Radio channels to enjoy FM.

The overall output sound of this 2.1 BlueTooth speaker is 40W. This system is an excellent option to play anything from movies, music, TV series, and sports.

The sleek design of this speaker brings an array of benefits to its users at all times. This product can blend into any shelf or wall.

I advise you to place this at an angle to let the sound converge on the chair or couch you are sitting on. This will produce a sweet spot for enhanced hearing.

11. Philips (MMS4040F/94)

 Philips (MMS4040F/94)

Philips (MMS4040F/94) is available in a pitch-black colour design and comes with every feature required to enhance the sound quality.

Key Features

If you choose to buy this speaker, you will get multiple connectivity options. The users can connect the system to various devices and enjoy listening to music and watching TV indoors.

The maximum sound the speaker outputs are one of the unique features of this Philips speaker. If you like to listen to the sound, which is two times better than the TV and PC’s audio output, you can buy and use this speaker.

Anyone interested in investing in a world-class 2.1 speaker should purchase this sound system.

This product is available at a reasonable price and is suggested mainly for its multiple connectivity design. The functional remote control of this product is available with bass and equalizer controls.

12. LG Boom Blastic (LK72BE)

LG Boom Blastic (LK72BE)

LG Boom Blastic (LK72BE) is the best option for anyone looking for a 2.1 speaker with a funky design and a dash of colour.

You can get an impressive ring of orange or red colour in the subwoofer and the two satellite speakers.

Key Features

This system produces a booming sound of up to 40W at full volume. You will not miss out on even the slightest sound detail while playing music and watching the television on medium or full volume.

There is a control panel along with the remote on the subwoofer below the LED display.

Users of this 2.1 speaker can take advantage of the connectivity ports provided for the SD card reader, AUX, and the USB drive beside the LED screen.

The physical buttons’ placement makes it very easy and comfortable to operate the sound system, as you don’t need to search for them.

The subwoofer vibrates at high, powerful bass, making the system look quite impressive.

13. F&D (A521X)

F&D (A521X)

F&D (A521X) is a popular and powerful 2.1 speaker. This system is quite pleasing in sound quality and recommended for its affordable price.

Anyone who wishes to buy a 2.1 speaker with high bass within a pocket-friendly budget can explore this product’s overall features.

Key Features

This system has a 52W RMS output, producing a booming sound while watching movies and enjoying the party nights, and an excellent design.

Users of this can connect it with any multimedia device with Bluetooth or through a wired cable. One can quickly wall mount this and save on space.

There is also a control panel on the side of this Bluetooth speaker.

The minimalistic and ergonomic design of this speaker makes it very user-friendly. There are dedicated buttons in the remote for bass control.

14. Panasonic Hi-Fi (SC-HT22GW-K)

Panasonic Hi-Fi (SC-HT22GW-K)

The Panasonic Hi-Fi is one of the best high-fidelity Bluetooth speaker systems and usually is available for under 5000 rupees.

The 2.1 speaker produces 50W of loud sound. This sound plays flawlessly at all volumes.

Key Features

Anyone with a desire to invest in an affordable yet stylish 2.1 speaker to accompany their TV or PC can prefer and purchase this product.

Users of this high-fidelity system can use the speaker to stream songs by plugging in their smartphone, pen drive, or CD player. They can also wirelessly play their favourite music as there is a Bluetooth feature.

This lets them connect with a phone or tablet or any other Bluetooth-compatible device.

There is a subwoofer with an antenna that helps users to tune in to any Radio station. The remote is also provided, and the remote is helpful to change the settings from your chair’s comfort.

Almost every user of this sound system gets the desired enhancement in their listening experience.

15. Blaupunkt (SP-200)

Blaupunkt (SP)

Blaupunkt (SP-200) provides a 10W sound output with wired connections for AUX and RCA. This 2.1 compact speaker has some exclusive features and provides 100% entertainment for its users.

Key Features

The SP-200 is a good option for anyone seeking a speaker system to connect to laptops or personal computers.

There are two satellite speakers provided along with one subwoofer in this sound system.

The SP-200 boasts a stylish and minimalistic compact design. The size is smaller when compared with the other 2.1 speakers on the market.

This Blaupunkt performs better as a computer speaker than a TV speaker because of its sound output and size.

I do not recommend this product as a quality home theatre system because of its low sound output.

You will surely get a wide array of benefits from this budget-friendly 2.1 speaker. Though this produces a 10W sound, this sound is clearer and louder than the same amount of sound produced by the TV.

Users can also change the volume and the bass as per their requirements.

Factors to consider before buying a 2.1 speaker under 5000 Rs.

Everyone interested in investing in these speakers should focus on some essential factors while comparing them.

  1. Sound: This is a biggie. A 2.1 system should produce clear audio output and loud sound quality that can be heard even when the volume is turned up to its maximum. Sound quality should also not deteriorate with an increase in the frequency range of the audio source.
  2. Price: If you are on a strict budget, it would be good to narrow your choices down to only those that fall within your budget.
  3. Features: 2.1 speaker set should ideally have all the three features (subwoofer, satellite speakers & a control pod), but if the price is too high, you can settle with a 2.0 speaker set till you save enough money to get a subwoofer for your computer or laptop.
  4. Build quality: A speaker which feels solid and easy to carry around will stay intact, and you will enjoy good quality music.
  5. Compatibility: 2.1 speakers should be compatible with any laptop, computer, or home theater systems.
  6. Additional features: It would be nice if one can use devices like iPod, Bluetooth, or TV inputs through one’s speakers by wifi connectivity or through ports, as well as being able to get good bass performance from the subwoofer.
  7. Portability: A good 2.1 speaker set will be easy to carry around and will not require you to compromise on other features like sound, bass quality levels, etc. Lack of portability means that high-end 2.1 speakers set with all the bells and whistles will be a little expensive to try out.
  8. Connectivity-The 2.1 speaker has to connect with other gadgets and provide maximum entertainment for every user.
    You have to understand this fact and make essential changes in your approach when shopping for a 2.1 speaker. This is helpful to give a theatre-like feeling when its users connect it to their TV.

I hope I could assist you with my article on the best 2.1 speakers under Rs. 5000 in India in 2023.

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