How to Turn Your Regular TV to Smart TV in 2022?

Did you Know rather than purchasing a costly 4K Smart TV or any other smart LED TV; you can convert your present TV into a smart TV.

You can make your television connect to the internet using just a few devices in 2022. Whether you love to watch movies, tv-series, sports on your regular cable connection or satellite TV, you can find so much fresh content available on the internet today.

It is quite a daunting task to find how to turn your regular TV into a smart TV. If you are as confused as I was, then my friend, I feel your pain.

A Smart TV is a television set that integrates Internet and Web 2.0 features, such as social networking services while having the capability to access cable and satellite programs.

To turn your regular TV into Smart TV, you need to find the device that best utilizes your TV. You can purchase a gadget that does this for you. These include dongles and ready-to-use devices, but there are also ways of setting up a device, such as an HDMI splitter or router may be required.

The most commonly used device is an HDMI dongle such as the Google Chromecast or Amazon Fire TV Stick. Both function as media streamers and are similar to each other in that they can be hooked up to a television via the HDMI port.

What to do if you don’t have an HDMI input in your non-smart tv?

You can use composite or component cables to output from your pc to the tv. You can buy one of these adapters to convert from composite to HDMI.

This post will give you detailed instructions on how to turn any old TV into a smart TV with no strings attached!

How to turn your Normal TV To Smart Tv?

First Step

The first step is to figure out what kind of TV you have. There are three kinds of TVs: plasma, CRT, and LCD/LED.


Non-SMART TVs or standard TVs are not internet-enabled, and thus they require support from various external sources.

Small gadgets like the Amazon FireStick, Google Chromecast need to be inserted via the HDMI jumper cable placed at the backside of your TV set. The online content on the internet is then sent by the streaming player and displayed on the TV.

If any user doesn’t have an HDMI port available on the back of their TV, they will need to buy an adapter (HDMI to RCA) that lets you plug in the yellow, red, and white cables into that adapter.

Pieces of Equipment Required:

Except for the connections and devices suggested above, all you require is a streaming device and an internet connection like Wi-Fi (Speed 2 Mbps or higher is recommended for 720p content). 

One can use an ethernet cable from a Wi-Fi router and attach it to the streaming players like some set-top boxes. 

Suppose the user watches media from a mobile phone. In that case, they can either connect the USB cable to the device or stream over Wi-Fi to the tv directly, as the tv set is internet-enabled now.

The HDMI port looks like a narrow-wide connector with a slightly tapering base.

  • Please remember the number next to the HDMI port, as this is the input channel we must use to connect the Fire Stick, Apple TV, etc.
  • In case the TV does not have an HDMI connector, the TV owner can purchase an HDMI to RCA adapter. The adapter connects to the red, white, and yellow connectors on the TV’s rear side.

HDMI cables are available in various lengths online and at most department stores.

Connect one of the following devices close enough to the TV so that both the HDMI cable and the power cable can reach the box.

Suppose you use Tata Sky. In that case, you can watch shows, movies, music on your laptop, tablet, or mobile phone and watch Live-streaming on the television set using the built-in Chromecast feature.

The device is also featured with the Google Assistant to support voice search. You can also enjoy games and applications available on the Google Play Store. 

We can also connect the device to older TVs using audio and video cables, making it compatible with any television set, whether your TV is 4K, HD LED, LCD, or plasma.

Amazon fire stick

It connects to your TV’s HDMI port, allows you to access your most-watched TV shows, subscription services, movies, music, games, and photos.

Amazon fire stick

It holds all the content that you love to watch, and it is easy to carry, so you will be able to take your media device with you wherever you go.

The Firestick enables you to turn a regular TV into a smart TV. With this Amazon product, you can get two devices.

The first is what you need to connect to your TV, and the other is the remote you can use to control your TV.

This dongle has an HDMI 2.0 connection, making data transfer very fast and not causing any problems in viewing online content. However, as this dongle works over the internet, a home Wi-Fi connection must access content via this device.

If you don’t have a Wi-Fi connection or a stable broadband connection, you can also use a cellular hotspot

Installing Amazon Firestick

The first time you connect this Amazon dongle to your TV, it will take a few minutes. After installation, it will display all the content on the TV screen.

After installing the Amazon Fire TV Stick on your TV, you can change the Wi-Fi connection. There is no need to reinstall the device. This Amazon Fire TV Stick comes packed with features and plays your video at a reasonable 60 frames per second. 


Plus, it supports HDR 10+, Dolby Vision, and Dolby Atmos, perfect for excellent sound quality.

The incredible thing about this device is that it has Alexa voice support.

Another feature to keep in mind is that if you’re using an LCD or led TV with HDMI, you can use the Amazon Fire Stick remote to turn off the device.

All built-in apps and Amazon Prime Video are available for video streaming content. Note that you must log in to each application individually to use the applications. YouTube support was not available for the Firestick, but now it works flawlessly.

If you have bought an Amazon Prime membership, the Fire TV Stick is pre-registered with your account. After plugging the Fire TV Stick into the HDMI port, you can watch all Amazon Prime content.

Dish Tv

Dish TV SMART Hub is another type of Android tv set-top box powered by the Google Play Store. The device also can be operated with Google Assistant.

It has access to all popular streaming apps and supports a built-in Chromecast. SMART Dish TV dongle supports Alexa and connects to the DishNX set-top box to play online streaming applications.

More feature-rich game console

Here’s another obvious way if you think about it: use the latest game consoles. If you own a Sony Playstation 4 or Microsoft Xbox One (or one of the many versions), you can use them as smart streaming devices.

game console

These consoles connect to the internet and have applications for many streaming services. These include Netflix service, Amazon Prime Video, Spotify, YouTube, Plex, Twitch, and others.

The most significant benefit of using a game console (Sony, Nintendo, Microsoft) is gaming, which makes it a device with a lot more features.

If you already have a gaming console, I recommend that you install the necessary applications on it and make your Lcd or Led TV smart rather than looking for another way to do it.

If you’re starting from scratch, a game console is a pretty expensive way to add smart features to your TV, and if you’re not a gamer at all, it might be better to use a streaming device or cable.

The Cheapest Way: Right Old Cables

The cheapest way to add intelligence to your standard TV is that few people think of it right away. Still, in hindsight, it seems pretty obvious.

However, this isn’t the easiest or the best way to get things done. You can add essential functionality to your TV for a low price – or free if you already have the cables you need at home.

The easiest way is to connect your laptop to your TV with an HDMI cable and thus mirror or extend your computer’s screen onto the TV.

This method’s benefits are that it is incredibly affordable and gives you all of your computer’s performance on the big screen. If there is an HDMI output on the laptop, then an HDMI cable is enough for the purpose. Decent options only cost Rs. 30 (around 4$).


Google launched its device called the Google Chromecast in India in 2014. Today, this device is available in India in its enhanced version, with smart and better content at an affordable price.


Like the Amazon Fire TV Stick, this Google device works with the internet. You need to plug it into your TV and install the device.

Installing Google Chromecast

To do the process, you will first need to connect your Google Chromecast device to your TV via HDMI. Go to your TV input settings and select the HDMI port that your Google Chromecast is linked to.

Then you should download the Google Home app on your smartphone. Remember, this will only work if your smartphone or tablet and the Google Chromecast device are connected to the same internet.

Now go to the Google Home app settings on your smartphone or card and select the Add device option. Processing and connection take a few seconds. Once connected, you need to register with your Google account.

After successful registration, you will be redirected to the homepage. After your Chromecast is set up correctly, it will require a few updates. You can use it as a smart TV. Congratulations! You have successfully switched your regular TV to a Smart one. 

Xiaomi Mi Box 4K

Mi Box 4K is a great device for anyone who wants a cheaper alternative to other Smart TVs. With Google Assistant, it can make any TV into a Smart TV.

At Rs 3,499, Mi Box 4K offers features that are normally found on more expensive devices. You can now enjoy streaming your favorite shows, movies, and videos online with this device.

Xiaomi Mi Box 4K

The device comes packed with all the major streaming apps and you can also easily access the Google Play android app through it.

It’s HDR 10 and Dolby Atmos supports make playing games and watching movies an amazing experience all around!

The Google Assistant built-in device also allows users to control the box using voice commands which is an awesome feature. The device has HDMI, Bluetooth, and USB 2.0 as well

Airtel XStream Stick/Box

The streaming stick runs on Android 8, and users can connect to any HDMI TV. The device comes with a single subscription that allows users to access over 10,000 movies and shows from major OTT content partners.


Set-top boxes are perfect for people who can connect the Ethernet cable to their set-top boxes. They are also the best in internet processing power for faster internet TV viewing.

However, if you can afford it, Smart Led TVs are easy for you and your family because they don’t require interruptions from third parties, use fewer cables, and have a fully integrated upgrade process.

It’s a complete system to buy. To keep your TV up to date smart TVs offer better video processing and higher image quality.

TV sticks from various brands such as Amazon and Google are perfect for those who prefer to browse content on the internet without spending too much money. Chromecast can turn a regular TV into a smart one.

It is an excellent option for users who want to cast content to their computer or tablet rather than find something on the TV. Each device has its application, so choose the one that suits your needs.

Many of the major platforms, such as Roku, Google Chromecast, and Amazon Fire Stick, are always competing, keeping the latest security protocols up-to-date and adding additional features when possible.

By transforming your television set into a smart TV, you can save some money and reasonably use your mobile/Internet data in 2022. These processes mentioned above are easy to complete.

It would help if you analysed which suits you best based on needs, the hardware of your TV, and your budget. Still, if you have any doubt or cannot complete any of these procedures mentioned earlier, please contact us or comment below.

We will try to help our readers as soon as possible.

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